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Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro: these flagship TWS headphones stick out their chests with their 360º sound and up to 38 hours of autonomy

The successors of the interesting completely wireless headphones (TWS) Buds 3T Pro that left us with such a good taste in our mouths when we had the opportunity to analyze them are already here. Xiaomi has just presented its flagship model Buds 4 Pro at the event held today in China, and on paper they look very good.

In fact, these headphones come hand in hand with the sophisticated folding smartphone MIX Fold 2 with a very clear purpose: to be at the top of the portfolio of headphones that Xiaomi offers us. Some of the characteristics that demonstrate that they aim high are its 11mm diaphragm and its 360-degree surround sound technology, but if we stick with this alone we will only be scratching the surface.

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro: technical specifications



Fully wireless (TWS) electrodynamic in-ear headphones



noise cancellation

Yes, up to 48dB


Bluetooth 5.3


up to 9 hours

Up to 38 hours with the charging case


touch control

other benefits

IP54 protection

Low latency mode
Compatible with Xiaomi AI
360º sound


999 yuan (145 euros approximately)

48 dB noise cancellation and up to 38 hours of battery life

Let’s start with what for us is the most important thing in a headset: its sound quality. During the presentation of these Buds 4 Pro, Xiaomi spokesmen have revealed that they resort to an 11mm diaphragm, so they bet on a slightly larger transducer than the one used by the Redmi Buds 4 Pro, which has a diameter of 10 mm. The purpose of this change is probably to extend the frequency response of these headphones.

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In terms of noise cancellation technology, the Buds 4 Pro, according to Xiaomi, also clearly outperform the Redmi Buds 4 Pro. And it is that they manage to attenuate ambient noise, always according to this brand, up to 48dB, a figure that on paper is very promising in headphones of this type. In any case, we won’t be sure about their performance in this area until we have a chance to thoroughly test them.


Another benefit of these headphones that we cannot ignore is their autonomy. According to their designers, they offer us an autonomy of up to 9 hours (We believe that with noise cancellation activated), although using the charging case it is possible to stretch this figure up to the very interesting 38 hours. They promise, that’s for sure, but again, it makes sense to put these numbers in quarantine until we get a chance to test them.


More interesting facts. They have IP54 protection, implement a low latency connection mode, and, according to Xiaomi spokespersons, they offer us a 360 degree sound that manages to immerse us in a credible way in our favorite music. Not all musical genres fit, in our opinion, with this surround sound technology, but it is worth giving it a try so that each user can decide if it convinces him or not.

Versions and price of the Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

These headphones have just been launched by Xiaomi in China with a price of 999 yuan (which is roughly equivalent to 145 euros). At the moment this brand has not revealed when European users will be able to get hold of them, but as soon as we know we will tell you. Fiance.

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