Thursday, December 8

Xiaomi’s smart fan with Alexa adapts to the temperature of your house and promises to cool you down this summer

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There is a Xiaomi fan that promises and much at an affordable price. It’s smart and costs less than 50 euros.

Xiaomi sells many products, some of them quite curious, either in China or directly in Spain, a country in which its catalog is constantly expanding with new extras of all kinds, especially for the home.

Fans sells several, including some wireless models, although they all have one thing in common: they are smart, since they can be controlled with a virtual assistant if you have a smart speaker at home and also adapt their intensity to the ambient temperature. The cheapest of all costs only 49.99 euros.

AliExpress Plaza also sells it with shipping from Spain with a slightly lower price. For its part, Amazon is completely sold out in this version, even though there are others of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan for sale, more expensive, yes.

This home use fan is adjustable in height and can be controlled by mobile.

It is a competitive price, especially if we look at its characteristics, with seven blades and an air flow that reaches 15 meters awayprogramming function, remote control via app and two positions: standing or desk.

It is relatively easy to mount. According to the brand, it only takes a few seconds and has few parts, unlike other models that are a real headache.

There are not many better models for that price, and that in the face of the first heat wave of 2022 there are quite a few fans that have dropped in price, luckily for all those who have been caught off guard by the first heat wave of the year.

Now that summer is approaching, it’s time to check the air conditioning at home and make small but necessary touch-ups or, if necessary, the necessary purchases. It is something periodic that happens annually and that usually triggers the price not only of fans, but also of other products such as air conditioners of all kinds.

That is why it is better to go ahead and take the step now, when you can still get models in stock and at competitive prices, before everything is shot or sold out in the worst case.

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