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Ximo Llorens repeats as the winner of the Evarist Garcia Prize with a work about Óscar Esplá

The writer Ximo Llorens.

The writer Ximo Llorens.

The Alcoy writer Ximo Llorens has won the Short Theater Award in Valencian Evarist Garcia 2021, which annually convenes the Alicante Provincial Council, with Clichy’s spells, a work that recovers the figure of Oscar Esplá and Camille Saint-Saëns, among other great authors, in the Paris of the early twentieth century.

Llorens has already won this award in the first edition of this contest, which was born in 2000 with the aim of incentivize, promote and disseminate works in Valencian by local authors. Evarist Garcia, recognized actor of sainetes, was a very committed and valued person in the performing arts sector of Alicante and his efforts to promote theater in Valencian stand out in his career.

Clichy’s spells is located in Paris in May 1913, and begins with the premiere of Spring consecration from Igor Stravinsky. The avant-garde character of the music and choreography impacts the audience, including a very young Óscar Esplá.

His companion, the already established composer Camille Saint-Saens, reacts almost violently to the concert and provokes an altercation in the theater. Instead, Esplá and Auguste Rodin they are fascinated by the music of the Russian composer and face a Saint-Saens consumed by jealousy.

The vice president and deputy for Culture, Julia Parra, who has chaired the jury of the contest, thanked all the applicants for their participation and congratulated Ximo Llorens. “As luck would have it, the same author wins this award for the second time, after more than twenty years, which is a great merit that undoubtedly proves his great ability and talent.” He also highlighted “the importance of an award that values ​​our language and the work of our authors.”

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In this twenty-second edition, a total of eight works have been presented, evaluated by a jury of experts made up of Jaume Sellés, technician of the Territorial Service of Education and Linguistic Policy, Isabel Marcillas, PhD in Catalan Philology from the University of Alicante, Jincrease Lloret, from the Department of Catalan Philology of the UA, and the historian Rosa Llorens.


The theatrical career of Ximo Llorens, born in Alcoy in 1954, started in the group Asalla and was later consolidated with The casserole. He is an actor, theater director and playwright and has received numerous awards, including the City of Alcoy Award, the Theater Award from the Junta de Extremadura, the Theater Award from the Generalitat Valenciana or the Evarist García from the Alicante Provincial Council.

Next to the missing Pep Cortes, created outstanding montages such as Alas, Our Lady!, A dinner on Wednesday, What do we do with the mother?, Poquelín Poquelen O Bankabaret. In addition to theater, his literary activity extends to journalism and narrative, where he has an extensive production of short stories and has recently received, along with Jordi Peidro, the award of the 1st International Crime and Mystery Novel Contest ‘Agata Christie’, convened by the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. He also won the ‘Alicante, mar y fuego’ International Journalism Contest and the ‘Lea & Perrins’ International Journalism Award, in Worcester.

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