Wednesday, August 4

Ximo Puig announces that the Generalitat and Sepides will develop industrial parks to attract companies

The head of the Consell, Ximo Puig

The head of the Consell, Ximo Puig

Ximo Puig has announced that the Generalitat will develop jointly with Sepides, a state company for business development, dependent on SEPI, industrial parks throughout the Valencian Community.

The head of the Consell has explained, in the framework of the Productive Urbanism Congress that has been held telematically since Friday, that the industrial estate development plan will be promoted through the company Parc Sagunt, 50% owned by the Generalitat and Sepides, whose corporate purpose will be expanded to be able to undertake projects beyond Parc Sagunt I and II.

“At this time, and already thinking about the economic recovery, it is essential prepare industrial floor of quality so that those companies or initiatives that are fundamental for employment can be installed in our Community ”, explained the president.

According to Ximo Puig, “we are going to take advantage of the company established to build Parc Sagunt, in which we participate 50% the Generalitat and Sepides, for, after the success of Parc Sagunt I and to continue promoting Parc Sagunt II, through this company, to build industrial parks throughout the Valencian Community ”.

“The objective is to generate industrial land throughout the territory to attract the necessary investments for recovery, modernization and also for the use of European funds,” added the head of the Consell. “In addition, this industrial land in state-of-the-art parks will also serve Valencian companies that grow thanks to the impulse of the Valencian Strategy for Recovery and European funds can have space for their future projects ”, said Puig.

Thus, he stated that “we are in the process of recovery and we have to put all our energy and our ability to develop industrial areas throughout the Valencian Community, to achieve a homogeneous economic development that allows to achieve the fundamental objective of this Consell, which is the creation of employment ”.

The experience of the success of Parc Sagunt I

Parc Sagunt is the company that was created at the time for the development of the industrial area of ​​the capital of Camp de Morvedre. After a time paralyzed, in recent years, the Generalitat, already under the presidency of Ximo Puig, achieved the commitment of the State to unlock development of the first phase of the project, Parc Sagunt I.

After that unlocking, the sale of plots for the installation of companies had an excess demand which has caused that practically all the plots have already been sold. The success of this first phase has led the company to launch the development of the second phase, Parc Sagunt II, which will enable 10 million square meters of industrial land in the coming years.

With the agreement now reached between the Generalitat and Sepides to expand the scope of the company, the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig trusts that they can promote industrial and logistics zones throughout the Valencian Community relying on the experience of Parc Sagunt.

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