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Ximo Puig announces the extension of the curfew and the restrictions until September 6 in Valencia




The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, announced this Saturday the curfew extension in 68 municipalities to prevent the contagion of the coronavirus, as well as the rest of the measures in force to date, with the only novelties of applying the limit of ten people for meetings only to these populations with restricted nocturnal mobility, and to raise 3,000 to 4,000 people maximum capacity for events, also the sports ones. They all go into effect next Tuesday, August 17, and expire on September 6.

The number of localities affected by the prohibition to leave the house between one and six in the morning except in situations of extreme need has gone from 77 to 68 because the epidemiological situation has improved, according to Puig.

Although the main factor taken into account to prolong these restrictions is the incidence to 14 days, positivity, traceability, hospitalization … seven criteria in total have also been taken into account.

[Listado de los 68 municipios de Valencia, Alicante y Castellón con toque de queda hasta el 6 de septiembre]

In the case of curfew, affects 2.6 million people, practically half of the population of the Valencian Community.

Puig has justified that “despite the fact that the measures of recent weeks have been effective, and the behavior of citizens in general terms is extraordinary, there are still close to one hundred people in the ICU and you have to persist in the strategy »

Likewise, it has abounded in the fact that the curfew is “ratified” and endorsed by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, which “provides legal certainty”, in addition to the fact that in this autonomy “the tonic is much more positive than the national average ».

He has also appealed to live the holidays with great prudence because there are still many people who are not vaccinated and outbreaks can arise. 1.3 million more doses are to be administered in the next three weeks and the start of adolescent vaccination from 12 years of age. And Puig thanked “the extraordinary effort of health personnel, accelerating the improvement of the health of the population.”

As an eloquent indication of the efficacy of vaccines, he has ensured that the 85.5% of people admitted to ICUs do not have the vaccine full or no dose and has appealed to “awareness”, in the case of reluctant people. For this reason, a first play-off has already been carried out and in September there will be campaigns for them to reconsider their situation. It maintains the objective that by October 9, 90% of the population is already immunized.

Outbreaks at private parties

For its part, Minister of Health, Ana Barceló stressed that the restriction of night mobility and the new extended measures are “the main weapon to continue with vaccination and prevent outbreaks, which have fallen by 5% in the last week” and specified that the 81% of these multiple spotlights occur at private gatherings and parties, both in the private sphere and in the public

He has also ensured that the vaccine dose deficit will be resolved with the arrival of more units in the coming days, and some 290,000 will be administered to adolescents between 12 and 19 years old, the group with the highest risk now according to sprouts, as well as 94,000 for second doses to young people between 39 and 20 years old, and Janssen monododis for international travelers.

Health has detected that there are 80,000 people who do not have a mobile and they will be called to their landline from Primary Care and in the next few days, 70% of the population will have the complete guideline dispensed.

Regarding the restriction measures, the councilor has valued that “they have worked well, there is no reason to change them” and hopes that at the end of August they will be decisive to know the “photo” of the epidemiological situation in the Valencian Community and review its continuity or changes.

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