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Ximo Puig announces the new restrictions in the Valencian Community

New restrictions in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón: follow Ximo Puig's press conference live.

New restrictions in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón: follow Ximo Puig’s press conference live.

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, appears this noon at around 1:30 p.m. to announce the new restrictions in the Valencian Community after Easter. The announcement comes after the meeting of the Interdepartmental for Prevention and Action against covid-19 to review current limitations against coronavirus pandemic and agree on whether to make any of them more flexible.

The current measures in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón They entered into force on March 15, before the Fallas festivities, and their validity ends at 11:59 p.m. next Monday, once the Holy Week and Easter festivities. These include the closure of the hotel business at six in the afternoon – where the maximum number of people per table is 4 people and the capacity inside is 30% – and at eight in the afternoon of non-essential commerce, while that inside gyms, swimming pools and sports centers the capacity is one third.

Vaccination shifts: when will you receive the covid-19 vaccine according to your age. Know the approximate dates in which each age group will receive immunization against the coronavirus. More information

Vaccination rate: the dates on which you are expected to be vaccinated according to age group.


Manuel Alcaraz: “The autonomies can apply measures even if the state of alarm ceases”. The decision announced by the government to suspend the state of alarm on May 9 is generating confusion regarding the restrictions that will be maintained and will disappear. Professor Alcaraz sheds light on an unprecedented topic full of contradictions and loopholes. More information

Manuel Alcaraz, at the University of Alicante. PILAR CORTÉS


The UMH concludes that the remains of the virus in the water do not determine the incidence. The Navarro Pedreño report commissioned by the Consell does support the analysis tool as a complement to epidemiological studies. More information

The waters from the Algorós treatment plant have been used for the UMH study. ANTONIO AMORÓS


Masks on the beaches just for walking. Government and autonomies agree to modify the “new normal law” in which masks will not be necessary while sunbathing or bathing. More information

People with masks on the Postiguet beach in Alicante.


The perception of security, on the rise: the population sees a lower risk of contagion in daily activities. The Generalitat survey on the pandemic, led by Nuria Oliver, indicates that citizens who do not socialize have been reduced by half since restrictions were relaxed in February. More information

Alicante people walk around the Postiguet area, during last Easter. ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ


In a month the perimeter closure, the curfew and the limit of people gathered ends. The Minister of Health warns that the alert level will be maintained even if the restrictions end from May 9. Barceló points out common measures at the national level in hospitality, transport and education. More information

Terrace of a bar in La Corredera de Elche. MATÍAS SEGARRA

07·04·2021 21:32

Health proposes that communities vaccinate with AstraZeneca only those over 60 years of age

The European Union advocates a coordinated position on AstraZeneca to avoid doubts

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07·04·2021 20:37

AstraZeneca’s vaccine, the European weapon against the pandemic, is surrounded by controversy

The lack of administered doses and the appearance of cases of thrombosis after the puncture reduce the credibility of the drug

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07·04·2021 18:48

The European Medicines Agency will carry out a “good clinical practice” inspection of the Russian vaccine

The EMA seeks to confirm that the clinical trials followed appropriate scientific and ethical procedures

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07·04·2021 18:47

The incidence rises to 167.97 cases after adding Health 8,788 new infections and 126 deaths

Currently 9,412 patients are admitted for coronavirus throughout Spain and 2,009 in an ICU

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07·04·2021 18:30

The United Kingdom will offer an alternative vaccine to AstraZeneca for those under 30 years of age

Almost two thirds of the 79 cases of thrombi detected so far in the United Kingdom correspond to women

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07·04·2021 18:18

The province registers 51 new cases of coronavirus and 9 deaths in the last day

Health detects an outbreak in Pego and another in Torrevieja of social origin that add up to seven positives

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07·04·2021 14:50

Adolfo García Sastre: «The covid has lost the battle, it only remains to know when we can declare it». The Spanish doctor is the head of the Emerging Pathogens area at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. More information

Dr. Adolfo García Sastre is chief of Emerging Pathogens at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York

07·04·2021 14:20

Health reinforces the vaccination operation at the Alicante Field Hospital. In two days, 6,480 64- and 65-year-olds were inoculated with AstraZeneca. More information

Mass vaccination begins in the Alicante field hospital Hector Fuentes

07·04·2021 13:29

The Department of Elda begins to vaccinate people of 64 and 65 years. The immunization process began yesterday afternoon in the Blue Pavilion and includes people over 80 years of age and other groups. More information

The new phase of vaccination against covid-19 in the Blue Pavilion of Elda.

07·04·2021 12:44

The advantages of Janssen, the new vaccine that will immunize 40% of Community Valenciana this summer. Janssen’s single-dose vaccine is easier to handle and the Valencian Community will receive 2 million until the end of summer. More information

Janssen’s vaccine

see more

The Valencian Community has been closed on the perimeter since the end of October and has night curfew between ten at night and six in the morning, while no more than four people can meet in public spaces, and in homes only cohabitants can do so.

When these measures were announced, autonomy had a fourteen-day cumulative incidence of 57.66 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, 698 people hospitalized due to covid (178 of them in ICUs) and a percentage of occupancy of covid patients in the ward of 4.56% and 16.48% in intensive care.

Right now, almost a month later, the cumulative incidence is 32.61 (the lowest in Spain and the only autonomy below 50), there are 406 hospitalized patients (83 of them in the ICU) and the percentage of occupancy of covid patients in the ward is 2.48% and in intensive care 8.18 %.

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