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Ximo Puig slows down his de-escalation after spreading infections




The Generalitat Valenciana has decided to extend for two more weeks all restrictions in force for the coronavirus, starting next Thursday, July 1. An update of measures with few nuances that, in practice, represents a stagnation in the progressive de-escalation that the autonomous government had been carrying out to continue containing the pandemic in the face of worrying data in recent days.

In fact, the bulk of those limitations will be extended Until July 15th to achieve a “safe and effective” opening against the Delta variant of the virus. Therefore, both hotels and nightlife will continue to close at one and two in the morning, respectively, with tables for up to ten people, without a dance floor and without a bar; and most of the commercial establishments will have their capacity restricted to 75%.

As the only novelty, the sedes festeras They will no longer have a restricted schedule and will be able to carry out activities at half their capacity beyond the administrative tasks -75% -, including eating and drinking, for which the protocol of the bars will be followed. In addition, the Generalitat recommends that citizens continue to use the mask outdoors, except in natural areas and beaches.

This was explained by the head of the Consell, Ximo Puig, in his appearance with the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, after the meeting of the Interdepartmental Table for Prevention and Action against COVID-19.

The escalation of infections that the region has been registering in recent days – 965 infections were reported on Monday and another 821 on Friday – has dynamited the good epidemiological situation that the three provinces dragged for more than three months and that placed them as the autonomy with better data from Spain, at a low transmission level.

However, now it rises positions to accumulate an incidence in fourteen days of 75.47 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, at a medium risk, close to the national average (100.06). In fact, this indicator has increased by 33 points, 78% more, from one Monday to the next. This rate soars in the age group between 15 and 29 years. up to 172 cases, as Barceló has pointed out.

Although the number of hospitalized and deceased remains stable, Puig has pointed out that of the 126 admitted to the Valencian Community, there are twenty people under 34 years of age on the ward and a young man of 18 years in the ICU after becoming infected on a final year trip to Majorca.

The regional president has linked this increase in positives with the end of the academic year, the arrival of summer and the feeling of security due to the advance of immunization: “More mobility, more social relationships and less mask.” “Expanding the opening has effects,” added Puig.

So much so that vaccination of the age group between 30 and 39 years It is going to be twelve days ahead of schedule and it will start next Monday in the three provinces, something that is already happening in some rural areas.

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