Thursday, January 20

Xiomara Castro, the first president of Honduras and the woman who returns the left to power after the coup against her husband

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Xiomara Castro

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She was first lady, twice a candidate and now she will be president.

Xiomara Castro, from the Libertad y Refundación (Free) party and wife of the former president Manuel Zelaya, won the Honduran elections and not only becomes the first woman to rule the country, but also will end 12 years of conservative rule and will return the Honduran left to power for the first time since Zelaya was deposed in a coup in 2009.

After two days of uncertainty due to the slow counting of the votes, the ruling candidate of the National Party, Nasry Asfura, acknowledged the defeat on Tuesday and congratulated Castro.

“Nasry Asfura Zablah, PN Candidate, accepts the will of the people, recognizes the victory of Libre in alliance, and my triumph as President-elect of HN. Thank you!”, Wrote an exultant Castro on Twitter.

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