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Xixona hires 24 unemployed people through employment promotion programs

People who have found employment through the programs

People who have found employment through the programs

The City Council of Xixona has taken part in different programs to promote job creation and iIncorporation into the labor market of unemployed people. For this, the interested parties had to be registered in the Espai Labora and meet certain requirements according to the criteria set by each of these programs. In total, 24 people have found a job opportunity.

These employment promotion plans have subsidies amounting to more than 300,000 euros granted by the Generalitat Valenciana. Mayor Isabel López, head of the Department of Employment, highlights that the programs “are, as of today, more necessary than ever to respond to the crisis caused by covid-19 “.

With regard to the characteristics of each job, it is the council itself that sets the requirements that applicants must meet, which, in the words of the mayor, “greatly facilitates the selection of the most appropriate profiles.”

Among the employment promotion programs that are currently being developed, the EMPUJU plan stands out, aimed at hiring people under 30 years of age, with or without qualifications, who are registered in the Youth Guarantee System. With a grant of 28,941 euros, for a 12-month full-time contract, a person has been hired to work as an administrative assistant.

Another initiative is ECOVID, a specific program to hire people of at least 30 years of age who are unemployed as a result of the pandemic and who have registered in Labora, prioritizing the unemployed as of March 14, 2020. With this plan they have A total of five found work: two cleaners, a home help assistant, a multipurpose laborer and a janitor. The subsidy for these contracts was 53,349 euros.

In addition, with an eye to the group of people over 30 years of age, the EMCORP program was launched, thanks to which the Xixona City Council has hired two people to stimulate cultural activities. In this case, the amount of the subsidy for the contracts has been 23,264 euros.

Another of the programs is EMPACE, an experimental plan for employment and territorial revitalization that has promoted, with a grant of 60,375 euros, the hiring of two technicians to carry out actions in the areas of employment, industry, training, communication and tourism in ACTEI L’Alacantí, the Territorial Agreement for Employment and Innovation that encompasses seven municipalities (Aigües, El Campello, La Torre de les Maçanes, Sant Joan d’Alacant, San Vicente del Raspeig, Tibi and Xixona).

For its part, the AEDL´S Xixona program has hired two technicians for the Local Development Office (ODL). The subsidy has been 29,400 euros.

And regarding the Et Formem Xixona 2020 mixed training and employment program, there are currently 12 people hired: 10 workers, a director and a teacher. This program, which has received a subsidy of 120,103 euros, differs from the previous ones in that, in addition to work activity, it includes training to obtain a professional certificate for auxiliary operations of administrative services.

Given the success of these programs, the Xixona City Council has set itself the goal of continuing them in the coming months. Among other measures, two new grants have already been requested, one for 35,909 euros for the EMCORP plan, and another for 241,358 euros for Et Fomem Xixona 2021, both pending resolution by the Generalitat Valenciana.

The one that has already been accepted is the subsidy of 120,750 euros for the EMPACE plan, the second phase of which has started these days.

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