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Yadea wants to flood Spain with electric scooters and scooters: these are the models that it will put on the streets

Last May, Yadea, one of the largest firms in the world of electric mobility, announced its arrival in Spain. The firm of Chinese origin quoted us later to reveal its plans, devices and price and today that day has come. Today, finally, we have known your roadmap and its “Strategic Plan Yadea Spain 2022-2025”.

Zhou Chao, CEO of Yadea Global, has been in charge of revealing the range of devices with which the company will land in our country. The scooters will arrive at the beginning of August, while the scooters will arrive at the beginning of 2023. Without further delay, we are going to review them all.

Yadea arrives loaded with ammunition

Yadea T9L Plus

Yadea T9L Plus.

As explained by Yadea, private users will be able to choose between two mopeds, two motorcycles and two electric scooters. For professionals, Yadea offers a moped and a motorcycle. While it is true that there will be an online store available in August, Yadea plans to have one network of 200 physical stores by the end of the year.

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As for available models, the list is as follows:

  • LT9 Plus: equivalent to a moped (L1, maximum speed of 45 km/h), it has two ATL batteries and up to 112 kilometers of autonomy. It is, according to Yadea, the proposal with “the best quality/price ratio on the market”. Price: 2,390 euros.
  • G5 Pro: another moped (L1, maximum speed 45 km/h), but with more power than the previous one and available in gray and black. Price: 3,190 euros.
  • G5S: equivalent to a motorcycle, it is the “biggest bet of the brand for Spain”. It has 102 km of autonomy and reaches 80 km/h. Price: 3,990 euros.
  • C1S Pro: the other motorcycle. It has a side motor of 6,000 watts and water cooling. It has 100 km of autonomy and reaches 80 km /. Price: 4,790 euros.

Yadea K5S.

  • K5S and K5S Pro: both scooters. The K5S has 600 watts of maximum power and up to 45 km of autonomy, while the Pro has 750W of power and up to 65 km of autonomy. Price: not officially disclosed.
  • Y1S and Y1S Pro: moped and professional motorcycle, respectively. Price: 3,390 and 3,590 euros.

In addition to these models, the company has taken advantage of the press conference to present the V-Fly: F200, its highest-end model. Designed by Studia FA Porsche, it accelerates from zero to 50 km/h in 2.5 seconds, has voice control (to unlock the vehicle without a key, for example), has a 100 km autonomy and a top speed of up to 100 km/h. h.


And what does Yadea intend to achieve with such an arsenal? Well, it does not have a precisely unambitious objective. The firm aspires to “consolidate a position in the TOP 3 of the most relevant brands in 2025” since achieve a “share of around 12% in the e-scooter market”.

The company also has intention to launch electric motorcycles, apart from scooters, and they do not rule out getting into motorsharing. At first they will sell their products, but they have dropped that subscription models may be considered in the future.

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Yadea also has electric bikes, but they have not brought them due to import problems from China and demands from Europe, among other reasons.

According to estimates by the Asian company, the electric scooter market could “almost double in four years” and reach “21,605 units” registered in 2025, with the private market being the one that will grow the most. We will have to wait to see how it develops, but Yadea has not been slow to ask the government to “include the moped in state aid“.

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