Wednesday, August 10

Yanet García turns on Instagram by showing her enormous rear without hesitation

Apparently one of the favorite colors of the Mexican driver Yanet García is red, or at least that is what he has shown in his most recent posts he has shared on his Instagram account, where she poses with a sexy wardrobe of that tone, where she flaunts her huge rear.

In the image she shared a few hours ago, the famous Mexican appears standing on the shore of what looks like a pool and wears a red miniature network.

Yanet García shows off her enormous rear by posing almost on her back. The garment she wears at the bottom only covers part of her butt and part of the waist, which has undoubtedly left her fans breathless.

At the top, the driver wears a red long-sleeved top.

“In the jungle”

“In the jungle the mighty jungle,” wrote the 31-year-old host on her Instagram account.

And it is that Yanet García loves to pose almost naturally, and to be in tune, she posed with vegetation as a frame that makes her stand out more with her red wardrobe, which has undoubtedly set fire to the spirits of her more than 14.4 million followers .

And as we told you at the beginning, the color red has become one of the favorites of the beautiful Mexican, since on Sunday she just shared a video where she models as only she knows how to do a coordinated lingerie with lace and transparencies of that tone.

Yanet García in red lingerie

His sexiest touch was given to wearing a garter belt and stockings that also have red lace.

And he has other publications where his curvy body stands out with red clothes, including his original Santa Claus suit, where he appears topless.

García shows off his rear, which has been one of the attractions that he has liked to highlight the most in the photos and videos he shares on his Instagram account.

Aware of her anatomy, Yanet García takes advantage of Instagram to promote the content she publishes on her account OnlyFans, where her fans have access to the hottest photos and videos.

But without a doubt, the beautiful Mexican host enjoys great popularity on her social networks, since each publication she shares with her followers immediately gets thousands of likes.

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