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Yankees and Mets will give away tickets to fans who get vaccinated outside their stadiums

Citi Field and Yankee Stadium will have a limit of tickets per day.

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The New York State Department of Health established a link with the baseball teams in the city. Yankees Y Mets They will be part of this alliance in which they will offer vaccines against Covid-19 to those who attend the team games. The two sets of Major League Baseball will give an extra bonus to those fans who attend the stadium and get immunized: fans will get free tickets to their team’s next game.

The governor of the city, Andrew Cuomo, made this initiative known through its social networks. The politician used this medium to spread the information and motivate the baseball-loving community to get vaccinated. “When you go to a game, you can get a vaccination at the stadium. When you do you will get a free ticket. So if you love baseball (and protecting your community), go to a game, get vaccinated, and get a free ticket! ”Said Cuomo’s statement on his Twitter account.

How does this initiative work?

The New York Yankees will offer tickets to first 1,000 people to receive their vaccine against Covid-19. This modality will start the next May 7 and will end on June 6. Tickets can be exchanged for two seats to be selected, in regular season games MLB 2021. However, the eligibility and guarantee of the ticket is also estimated to extend until 2022.

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For their part, New York Mets they will do the same with the first 250 fans wishing to get immunized outside of Citi Field during each day, in the scheduled games of the May 24 to June 17. Likewise, tickets may be exchanged until the 2022 Major League season.

‘Separate, but equal’?

Taken out of the history books, the distinctions will become apparent in the Yankee Stadium and the Citi Field. The governor, Andew Cuomo, announced that as of May 19 both stadiums will be able to operate at full capacity, but for vaccinated people. Those who are not immunized will have a reserved space in the stadium and will allow entry to 33% of the capacity of the sector. In addition, these people must continue to comply with preventive distancing.

Panorama in New York

Last Wednesday, the governor reported that the 58% of New York adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Of this number, almost half have completed their immunization sessions.

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