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«Yellow Rose» (Barcelona version) and «Brujo» (Denia version) winners of Ruta de La Sal 2021



Yellow Rose, the X35 by Marten Jan Ringers (of those from the Barcelona version) and Brujo, (of the Denia version) have been proclaimed absolute winners of the 33rd edition of La Ruta de la Sal, one of the most complicated he has ever experienced. this charismatic Mediterranean Height Regatta.

The 14 sailboats that have completed this Salt Route, many of them regulars at this Mediterranean high-altitude sailing event, will be able to affirm that this edition of 2021 has been one of the toughest editions of those they have sailed to achieve their goal. , reach the goal of Ibiza.

The stubborn calm that has been experienced these days in the western Mediterranean basin has put the tenacity and technique of the participants to the test. Boaters know that sometimes people suffer more during calm moments on the high seas than when there is a storm. With a storm a crew only thinks about how to get out of the bad drink and their physical activism obviates any trifles. During a calmed down, the suffering is double, physical, wear and tear and psychic, which lashes the mind and requires a higher than normal strength for both the skipper and the crew, to be able to get out of this situation successfully.

all winners

Finishing this LaSal2021 has turned all the newcomers into true champions. All have been proclaimed winners of the edition since they have had to overcome one of the most complicated situations at sea.

Three boats completed the complicated 120 nautical mile route from Denia to Sant Antoni Portmany, circling the island of Ibiza. The Swan 43 by Alberto de Castro (RCN Valencia) who was proclaimed absolute champion, the Swan 56, Clem-El Encinar, by Jaime de Olazabal from Club de Mar and the IMX Foxy Lady 39 by Klaus Bauer from CN Campello, who were the ones who they occupied the absolute podium of the general. Denia version.

Brujo with a real time of 28: 23: 11 hours, took out after the compensation of times 7 hours, 22 minutes, 8 seconds to the second classified, Clem, who invested in his journey 35 hours, 48 ​​minutes, 11 seconds. The third classified, the Foxy Lady, was at 11:17:40 hours, covering his journey with a real time of 39:32:27 hours.

Fourteen sailboats arrived from Barcelona

Fourteen boats managed to cover the direct route from Cape Tortosa to Sant Antoni Portmay, for 105 nautical miles, positioning the X35 OD Yellow Rose by Marten Jan Ringers from YC Scheveningen as the absolute winner. He was accompanied on the podium by the Atlant del Vent boats, the IMX45 by David Tur, from CN Ibiza and the Sun Fast 35 Diabolic by Glenn de Brouwer from the RoyaLBelgium Sailing.

They also reached the island of Ibiza in regatta, the maxi Dolphin 65 Gymir by Francesc Roig Reñé from RCN Barcelona, ​​who came fourth and first in real time, the Dufour38 Classic Vogamari Nou by Toni Roig from CNSC Rapita, the Furri by Ramón Almató from CN L ìEscala, the Gran Soleil 43 Yrcus by Sergey Moskovskikh, the Delher 44 Bandido by Juan Carlos Otamendi from CN Port Ginesta, the Swan 56 La Belle, by Frans van Bell, the Swan 52 Flomali 2 by Alex Staring from the RYCB, the Hanse 470E , Nirvana III by José Martin from CNVilanova, Ascata Tres from Fortuna 12 by Yamandu Rodriguez, from RCN Barcelona, ​​Sun Oddyssey 49 by César Villegas from Nautic Binibeca, Nadir, Firts 50 by Miki Puig from Costum Sailing C and Yess Boss, elOceanis 46.1 by Ivan Briukhouets.

The participants of the North version also made history, since for the first time in La Sal, this journey had to be made in front of the mouth of the Ebro, where the Race Committee, together with the registered fleet, positively valued sailing canned from Por Ginesta to Cape Tortosa and there start the regatta. Option that was perfectly organized by the race management, and that the fleet publicly congratulated.

At twilight on Friday 28, the fifty sailboats were able to launch towards the western coast of Ibiza, which allowed the fleet to cover a route of 104 miles, getting rid of the strong chicha calm that invaded the southern coast of Catalonia, and sail with ‘a little more wind’ towards Ibiza.

In this section, the first to cross the finish line was, Gymir by Francesc Roig, who made the journey in 28 hours, 01 minutes, 45 seconds, finishing fourth in the general, after time compensation, at 02:46 : 01 hours of the winner of this version.

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