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Yolanda Díaz, Colau and Oltra now invite Podemos to an event in Barcelona

Mónica García, Yolanda Díaz, Ada Colau, Fátima Hamed and Mónica Oltra.

Mónica García, Yolanda Díaz, Ada Colau, Fátima Hamed and Mónica Oltra.

Yolanda Díaz will reissue the photo of last weekend next Sunday and will return to join forces with Ada Colau and Monica Oltra in an act in Barcelona to which -this time- representation will come from We can. The encounter, which will be officially announced this Tuesday, will take place a week after the ‘Other Policies’ event organized in Valencia, attended by these three leaders, in addition to Monica Garcia and Fatima Hamed, but to which the secretary general of the purple party, Ione Belarra, or the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, were not invited, despite being an act carried out by leading women in politics.

Sunday’s act will take place at the close of the III National Assembly of Together We Can, where other cadres of the comuns will also participate such as Jessica Albiach, spokesman in Parliament, or Jaume Asens, spokesman for the commons in the Congress of Deputies. On the part of Izquierda Unida, its general coordinator and Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, will attend.

After the sounded absence in Valencia of the main leaders of Podemos, on this occasion the Minister of Social Rights and Purple Secretary General has been invited to participate, although finally Organizing Secretary Lilith Vestrynge will attend that it will be the only one of the main participants that does not have a public or institutional position.

This time Yolanda Díaz goes to Catalonia, which is presented as a Essential bastion for your national project, being the territory where it has the most organizational support. The mayor of Barcelona is one of the main supporters of the ‘broad front’ of the Vice President of the Government and, unlike other allies such as Oltra, who do not have total control of Compromís, Colau does have the endorsement of a party that also enjoys power institutional, which provides it with resources and available cadres to endorse the plans of the Minister of Labor, who lacks an organization to promote her project.

The incorporation of Podemos to the event is an attempt to redirect the relationship with the purple formation, where there has been some discomfort in recent weeks due to not having its main leaders in the organization of the Valencia event. On this occasion, the leaders of the Podemos present Government, Belarra or Montero, will not attend, but a cadre with organic responsibilities such as Vestrynge will attend, due to agenda problems of the Minister of Social Rights, they detail from Podemos.

Thus, on Sunday you can experience a rapprochement between the actors of this space to reduce the tensions experienced in recent weeks, which were evident this weekend with the coldness shown by the leadership of Podemos towards the event in València. And it is that the top purple leaders opted for keep absolute silence towards this exhibition of harmony between different leaders. A position that contrasts with the enthusiasm shown by the leaders of Más País, Iñigo Errejón, o de IU, Alberto Garzon, or the protagonists themselves, who showed the “illusion” and “hope” that the joint meeting produced in them.

This same Monday, the party’s spokesperson, Isa Serra, lowered her enthusiasm and limited herself to “greeting” the meeting, which she admitted had been a “very important act” and the “pistol shot” of a future project led by Díaz. In addition, he pointed out that “there will be more acts” in the process of building the broad front. One of them, precisely, will take place this Sunday in Barcelona.

Management experiences

The closing of the National Assembly of the commons will have a very different character from the event last Saturday, which was in a gathering format, with a moderator, and where the different participants chatted almost informally about their different experiences in the public sphere. . Next Sunday you will be able to see a more political aspect by being fully framed in the renewal of the leadership of En Comú Podem, the party led by Ada Colau.

This assembly has been defined by the Catalan party as a “space to meet again in person” after the pandemic and with the idea of ​​”prepare for the next goal: 2023“When the municipal elections will be held where the Mayor of Barcelona is at stake, but where the general elections will also take place, in which Yolanda Díaz may be a candidate. The motto of the Assembly is” Fix, win and transform “, with the idea that these are the vectors of political action.

On this occasion, with the exception of Vestrynge, the guests have an important institutional role, so that the closing will be more focused on the management of the public than on the type of leadership and policies, as happened in the event in Valéncia, where Yolanda Díaz proclaimed “the beginning of something wonderful” and announced that “a country project”, avoiding making any mention of Podemos or reference to its leaders.

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