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Yolanda Díaz is looking for independent profiles for her project

An image of Yolanda Díaz.

An image of Yolanda Díaz.

New profiles to turn your new project into a social reflection and expand the space beyond Podemos. Yolanda Díaz has not officially started the construction of your candidacy for the general elections, but some of its lines of action are already clear. Among them, the combination of two bets: the search for personalities with public projection that are not linked to parties, and the rescue of some figures that were part of the primer We can but they left the training early.

The candidate’s bet is to start the construction of her project from next year, once the labor reform has been signed, through a series of meetings and public meetings that allow specify the final framework of alliances. Acts such as the one in València represented a declaration of intent regarding the way of doing things: leaders of different parties who transcended their initials and joined forces to offer a political vision without corsets. An example of the mixture that the Galician leader has always lavished, firmly in favor of integrating differences.

One of the formulas that you will use to configure the so-called ‘country project’ is precisely to combine tables of different origins that in some cases they have never been part of political life; a ‘recruitment’ similar to the one that Podemos carried out in its beginnings, with the incorporation of specialized profiles and with some public significance, like the ex Jemad Julio Rodriguez, the former Civil Guard Juan Antonio Delgado placeholder image, the actress Rosana Pastor, the computer lawyer David Bravo, the victim of ETA Pili Zabala or the judges Juan Pedro Yllanes, Victoria Rosell and José Luis Albiñana.

People from different backgrounds who were not socially or politically but who got engaged for the first time with the party. These incorporations occurred between 2015 and 2016, when Podemos was a whole political phenomenon. Five years later, the brand is worn out and expectations are now placed on the Minister of Labor, which generates important sympathies and is presented as the favorite to preside over the Government, only behind the current president, Pedro Sánchez.

Unlike the project that Yolanda Díaz is planning, Podemos had its roots strongly rooted in politics, and many of its founders came from activism. Organizations like the foundation CEPS (Center for Political and Social Studies), the Anti-eviction Platform or the movement Youth Without a Future they were embryonic nuclei of the new formation, to which profiles of public relevance were later added.

Díaz’s idea would consist of signing independent profiles, not necessarily organized in civil society. A gateway for hitherto non-politicized paintings with a double objective: project an image of broad social support that is attractive in the face of public opinion; and expand the political space beyond what now exists, with the incorporation of figures that manage to attract people who have been demobilized up to now. Some profiles to which they will reserve some of the most visible positions of the project.

The ‘first’ We can

This bet to renew the rows will be combined with the ‘rescue’ of figures belonging to the first steps of Podemos who ended up leaving the party, but still maintain their political capital. It could be the case of the former MEP and founder of Podemos, Pablo bustinduy, the former Asturian deputy Second Sanz O Tania González Peñas, also a former MEP and of the founding nucleus, and current leader in the town of Avilés.

The turbulences experienced in Podemos in recent years have led to an atomization of space, as a result of the ruptures, desertions, splits and purges experienced. Now, Diaz has the firm intention of expand, but also rebuild. And the act of Valencia had something symbolic in this sense. At the Olympia Theater, dozens of people who worked together in the first steps of the purple party were able to gather and whose paths were separated for different reasons.

It was the case of those who came from Más Madrid, mostly from Podemos, who were reunited with whoever their co-workers were; It happened with some of the members of the vice-president’s team, who also held positions in the first stage of training; or with former members of the territorial directorates of Podemos who came out in their day because of the ‘ruling party’. The reunion chemistry among those who had shared a path, he marked the audience. The challenge now is articulate a project that will inspire again.

For this reason, Yolanda Díaz does not contemplate linking her new project to Podemos and is in favor of supporting the new political subject in different structures. That is also why it already includes allies in the territory to promote this construction in the absence of an organization and the lack of its own economic resources; One of the most important pillars in this construction will be the unions, with a prominent role of CCOO, which has shown special harmony with the leader and who will be able to provide, at any given time, both organizational capital as social capital, calling for the mobilization of its bases to provide support. A support that, ultimately, could have its translation into positions on the electoral lists.

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