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Yolanda Díaz, on her candidacy with Podemos: “I am surrounded by egos. If there is noise, I will probably go away ”| Spain

The second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, assured this Thursday in an interview on Cadena SER that her “country project” At United We Can, it will not be “a sum of parties or a sum of egos.” Díaz has stressed that if that happens or if there is “noise”, it is likely that she will step aside and “go away.” “I am surrounded by egos,” she stated. And he added: “I have never fought for these reasons nor am I going to do so, as this happens or there is noise, it is likely that I will leave.” The vice president has highlighted the “people” over the “parties”, has assured to be holding “many conversations” and added: “I am going to listen to everyone and work so that neither the right nor the right rule in my country. the extreme right ”.

In Díaz’s opinion, what is needed is “to reconstruct a social contract with a large part of Spanish society, which wants a new project; it is not about names, the protagonist has to be society ”. The vice president has recognized differences within Unidos Podemos: “Fortunately in my team we have differences. In the PSOE not everyone thinks the same. People don’t want us the same, they want us together. People want a project that gives hope and leaves behind the things that don’t interest anyone ”.

“There will be Budgets, how can it be otherwise,” said the vice president, who has also recognized the discrepancies within the Government. “But today we have differences in tax matters. We argue that if there is an agreement to levy 15% corporate tax, it should be done. Because any small business pays more taxes than a large company ”, he defended. “More than ever, those who have the most must contribute more. It is a substantive debate in our Government and of common sense ”, he added. Díaz has advocated a “strong reformism.” “The agreement is always possible. It is true that we have discrepancies in tax matters, but we are united by the Government agreement. The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, is working with experts for a new definition of taxes in our country. Because now we have twentieth century tributes. There are so many deductions that a large company is taxed at 3%. This is not correct, ”he explained. According to the vice president, we must “comply with the Constitution” and recalled the recent elections in Germany: “In the German elections there was talk of raising the minimum wage to 25% and the wealth tax. It’s common sense ”.

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Regarding the right to housing, Díaz recalled that it is “an impossible mission” for young people to be able to pay for a house even if they have a job. “You have to reach agreements on sensitive issues for citizens. Housing is a fundamental right. Spain is the only country committed to buying a home and not renting it out ”, he said. “The measures in democracy of bonuses in the matter of housing have been a failure and they have triggered the price of the rent. We must take measures that other European countries take to lower rental prices ”, he defended. “This Government has to be useful to the people and undertake strong reforms,” ​​he has settled.

Díaz has also referred to salaries in Spain. “You have to talk about wages. Spain, in comparison with Europe, has low wages, both in private and public companies. We cannot be a solid country like this. I want a modern country ”, he stated. The Vice President of the Government has asked not to link the rise in the minimum wage with the rise in the CPI, while acknowledging that workers have less purchasing power every day.

The vice president has referred to the salaries of the boards of directors of electricity companies and banks, as well as the benefits of the former. “It is 18.5%, above 10% of the European average or 5.6% of Germany,” he said. “The time has come for them to be responsible to their country and to contribute as all workers do. We live in a democracy and there are no impulses towards anyone. It is very sad that the right is positioned on the side of the electricity companies ”.

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Regarding the right, Díaz has ensured that “the PP is totally out of order.” According to her, Pablo Casado’s party “is kidnapped by Vox and they have no proposal whatsoever. “I know they are against the minimum wage, to lower taxes on electricity companies … but they do not have a country project. I would like the right wing to be moderate and have a country project ”.

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