Thursday, December 9

Yolanda Díaz prepares a game of young talent recovery policies

The second vice president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz.

The second vice president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz.

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, has assured this Thursday that his Ministry will make a “firm commitment to young people” with talent recovery policies so that Spaniards who work abroad can return to Spain with a decent job.

“Without young people in our country we have no future. Companies that do not bet on young talent are going to be left behind“Diaz commented during his speech at the second edition of Forum.

To facilitate your return to Spain, the Ministry will redirect public resources so that the transfer does not cause them expenses and companies hire them upon arrival. “Let us also make this commitment so that the opportunity to transform Spain has all this talent that is abroad. We cannot afford not to have them, but with decent conditions,” he said.

Díaz has insisted that there must be a “hyper-close collaboration” between the public and private sectors to “design a country strategy” in which talent is at the center of the 21st century company.

The minister acknowledged that talking about technological changes and modernization in the company is easy to say but is “extremely complex” and “costs important resources.” For this reason, he has invited to reach a pact that places “research, innovation and technology within“.” This means talking about public and private investments much higher than what we have. It is a firm commitment to the country but with public and private resources in a decisive way, “said Díaz.

Flexibility in the working day

The minister has also indicated that the lessons learned during the pandemic now demand “change the form of organization in the world of work and business”, with attention to the flexibility of the working day, the training of the workers and the care.

This forces to sign a “new social contract with companies”, which contemplates technological and ecological changes and that allow teleworking in the sectors where it is possible. “The company must be able to have flexible formulas in the day, but the workers also. When a worker participates in the design of his day, his productivity also increases,” said Díaz.

The minister recalled that her portfolio has pending to address the law on the use of time at work, to give workers time for care but also for training, with leave for that purpose as “central nucleus of the companies.”

He has also stressed that lcare is “the theme of the 21st century” and has asked that personal life not penalize professional careers. “We want people who, if they want to be mothers and fathers, can do so and in conditions of dignity, so that we do not have to choose between being professionals and seeing our children,” the minister concluded.

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