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Yolanda Díaz, the minister of social dialogue

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz.

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz.

The second vice presidency left by Pablo Iglesias to compete in the regional elections of Madrid will be assumed by the current head of the Labor and Social Economy portfolio, Yolanda Diaz, who has become the minister of social dialogue with seven agreements in a year marked by the impact of the pandemic.

Proposed by Iglesias to fill his vacancy in the coalition government and with Sánchez’s commitment to respect the pact with United We Can on the composition of the Executive, the road appears clear for Díaz to take office.

The minister, who arrived with the mission to repeal the labor reform of 2012, combat job insecurity and adapt the Workers’ Statute to the 21st century, he encountered a pandemic that forced him to change the priorities of his department, focused from that moment on the implementation of the ERTE.

With the agreements with employers and unions by flag, has been gaining weight inside and outside the Government with a strengthened public image as a moderate and dialoguing policy, staunch defender of the worker and of equality between women and men.

Born in Fene (A Coruña) in 1971, this Galician from pro took over the portfolio of Job -after splitting from Social Security- thanks to the PSOE and Podemos government agreement which gave En Marea the Galician quota of power within the coalition executive.

After four years as a deputy fighting for labor rights and defending pensions, came to the government in January 2020 and took less than a month to reach its first agreement with employers and unions to raise the minimum wage (SMI) to 950 euros.

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As soon as the confinement due to covid-19 began, an agreement was closed to apply special conditions to the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE), linking them to the state of alarm.

From those first weeks the difficulties you had in explaining how ERTEs worked at the first press conference of unemployment after the outbreak of the pandemic, in which he ended up resorting to humor to say that “in this country the boys and girls from now on are going to know what the ERTE are.” And so it has been.

This protection structure, which covered 3.5 million workers, has been extended by social dialogue agreement on three more occasions, the last until May 31 next, currently covering almost one million workers. persons.

These agreements have been joined by others, such as the one who laid the groundwork for him telecommuting, in September 2020, or recent on the working conditions of the riders, in which after more than half a year of negotiations he managed to unite the positions of the unions and the employers.

“Next president”

“The DNA of this Government is called social dialogue” it has always defended when it has been urged by the unions to carry out legislative modifications without agreement to try to prevent the employer from exercising the “right of veto”.

Precisely those plans of the employers led Díaz to approve without consensus the regulations for equal pay between men and women and equality plans, although also to leave the SMI “extended” for 2021 in the absence of a tripartite pact.

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“The time has come for businessmen to trust this Government, to extend their hand, that we walk together”, he returned to claim last January after closing a new consensual extension for the ERTE.

A labor lawyer, communist, unionist and also feminist, Díaz has always defended conciliation and gender equality from her portfolio, showing off her status as a worker and mother of a girl, Carmela, born precisely on March 8, the day of the worker woman.

Politically, he has proven to be loyal to Pablo Iglesias in the most intense debates of this agitated legislature, closing ranks with the vice president on issues such as the Minimum Living Income (IMV) or the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) in the face of the most orthodox wave of the Government.

With the assumption of the vice-presidency of Iglesias Díaz stands as her possible successor at the head of Podemos and the party’s candidate in the next general elections “if she so decides”.

As the leader of the purple formation has assured: “Yolanda Díaz may be the next president of the Government.”

Demanding and perfectionist, he has recognized in these months of pandemic that he has led his team to a hectic pace of work and has shown on many occasions an increased homeiness in what have been the most challenging months of his life.

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