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Yolanda Díaz will tour Spain in 2022 to cement her candidacy

Yolanda Diaz begins to order his agenda for 2022. The construction of her candidacy for the next generals will see its prolegomena next year, when the leader begins the baptized ‘listening process‘, in which he plans to hold hundreds of meetings, visits and personal encounters in order to configure an overview of the country he aspires to represent. A period that It will last at least until summer, and it will include a route through all the communities of the national territory. Some of these appointments are already beginning to be dated, as he has learned The newspaper of Spain.

The vice president does not foresee in the coming months to open major ideological debatesRather, its strategy goes along a more modest and ambitious line at the same time, such as taking the pulse of the realities of the 17 autonomous communities to go to the politics of the concrete and collect the singularities and specific problems of each scenario. Beyond the next electoral appointment, the objective goes through build a project for the next decade, as the leader has stressed on occasion. In her circle they are already working on specifying the leader’s agenda for the coming months, in some trips that she will have to combine with her work in the Ministry of Labor.

Díaz’s ‘tour’ aims to cover all corners of the country, and one of the main handicaps will be precisely his institutional role. The goal is to separate scrupulously the two facets, that of candidate and that of vice president, so as not to give fuel to possible accusations about the use of the position as a springboard for their particular objectives.

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That is why the leader will try to concentrate all the activity related to her future candidacy during weekends and holidays; Although some of these appointments may take place during the week, they will try to be something exceptional so as not to interfere with your government challenges.

The vice president of the Government is plunged these days in the tough negotiations to carry out the labor reform, in an agreement with the social agents that she hopes to sign before the end of the year. Once that front is closed, it still has two important government issues pending that will require great dedication in the first months of the year, such as the negotiation to raise the SMI and the launch of the Employment Law, with the creation of a Spanish Employment Agency, a kind of state ‘infojobs’.

Taking into account this circumstance, dates are already being tested for some of the trips that Galician politics plans to make next year. In these incursions into the different territories, it is planned that take advantage of travel to hold more meetings with sectors specific or personalities. Due to the short time that the government activity will allow, Díaz will have to make the most of the time available to lay the foundations of his candidacy.

Thus, the listening process will focus on five central axes; In addition to the territorial component, with which it aims to have a faithful image of the country with the aim of creating a backbone project, it will also have a sectoral agenda, with specialized meetings in different subjects. Issues that go beyond its current role, more focused on labor matters, to give a more comprehensive profile, in which it intends to specify with encounters with the world of culture, science, the university and educational world, the environment or the economy.

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A way of ‘opening the focus’ in which the third of the axes will also gain special importance: the relationship with the associative fabric, with groups of organized society that defend specific interests, such as CEAR -Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid-.

Another leg of this process will be the meetings that the vice president holds with prominent personalities from different social spheres; Some of these figures have already shown their interest in contributing in some way to the project, and Díaz is already trying to organize some of these meetings for the next few months, which in some cases will be private.

The last of the main lines in these first steps of the platform will be, of course, the approach to the different political parties, to whom Yolanda Díaz wants to be part of the construction of the project. This point will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult, although in the listening phase no type of agreement will be determined, but will be limited to the approach to share impressions on how your future organization should be.

This part will be the prelude to what will culminate the alliances phase, where the project of the Vice President of Government will begin to take shape, which will not begin before the second half of next year. However, the relationship with the rest of the political formations is going to be one of the most difficult paths to handle, given the obvious risk of wear that exists in the process.

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That is why, before any type of alliances is made, it is intended to make the different organizations project partners of Yolanda Díaz, with the aim that it is not an unconditional adherence to a candidacy, but rather that it is the result of the cooperation of different agents.

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