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You can become an IRS certified volunteer to teach others how to do their taxes

Among the benefits of volunteering is that they have flexible hours to help others.

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The IRS is inviting people in communities across the country to become certified volunteers by the institution.. These volunteers will help taxpayers file their tax returns during the upcoming tax season.

The Voluntary Taxpayer Assistance Program (VITA) provides free tax return preparation to eligible taxpayers who generally have $ 58,000 or less in income, taxpayers with disabilities, and taxpayers who have limited English proficiency.

The Tax Counseling Program for the Elderly (TCE) is primarily for people 60 and over. Although the program focuses on tax issues unique to seniors, most taxpayers can generally get free assistance. In other words, you don’t have to be older adults for that.

Among the benefits of this program are the following:

–Volunteers can work flexible hours. They can generally choose their own hours and days to volunteer. Tax preparation sites are generally open from the end of January until the tax filing deadline in April. Some sites are even open all year round.

–Volunteers can work from virtually anywhere. Some volunteer sites offer virtual help for taxpayers. This allows volunteers to help taxpayers complete their tax returns over the phone or online.

-No previous experience is needed. Volunteers receive specialized training to become IRS certified. They can also choose from a variety of volunteer roles to serve. The VITA and TCE programs need volunteers of all backgrounds and ages, as well as people who are fluent in other languages.

–The IRS provides free training and materials about tax laws. Volunteers receive training materials at no cost. The tax law training covers how to prepare basic federal tax returns electronically. The training also covers tax topics such as deductions and credits.

You can find more information about the volunteer program on the official IRS site.

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