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You can now buy tickets for the 2021 Christmas Lottery, which will distribute 2,408 million

Despite the fact that we have just inaugurated the summer, from this Thursday, July 8, the tickets and the lottery participations for the Christmas lottery draw of the Christmas Lottery, which I eat every year It will be held on December 22nd and is the event that officially ‘opens’ the Christmas festivities.

The president of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE), Jesus Huerta Almendro, today presented the traditional summer campaign of the Extraordinary Christmas Giveaway 2021, in which humor returns to take center stage this year. The announcement brings us closer to vacation of a couple who enjoy the summer and good weather and performs typical and everyday actions such as eating at a beach bar, choosing an umbrella, buying an ice cream or sunbathing on the shore of a beach. The spot shows us in a fun and ingenious way the role of technology in these “very traditional scenes”.

With this campaign, SELAE communicates that it is now possible to buy the Christmas Lottery tickets and encourages sales in a “moment of greatest joy”, while continuing to enhance the tradition of sharing in summer resorts.

If in the 2019 campaign, Lotteries went to the “best fortune tellers in the country”, this year they turn to someone very close to everyone: the mobile voice assistant. Everyone goes to him, even on vacation, to find out from useful questions, to the weather, through recipes, curious facts or advice. However, as much as this tech wizard knows, not even he knows where it will fall. The Fat Christmas.

The campaign, which will be launched under the slogan of ‘What if El Gordo de Navidad falls at your vacation spot?’, has several audiovisual executions of different durations that will be broadcast both on television, online video, social networks and Ltv screens (located in the Lottery points of sale network) during the weeks of the campaign.

The spot has been commissioned to the agency Contrapunto BBDO (as on previous occasions) for a value of 360,000 euros, 7% less than last year’s campaign.

2,408 million euros in prizes

This year will be available, as last year, a total of 172 million tenths for him Christmas giveaway. The issue, of 172 series of 100,000 numbers each, reaches 3,440 million euros, of which 70% will be distributed in prizes. That is, on December 22, 2021, the Extraordinary Christmas Draw will distribute 2,408 million euros in awards.

Among the popular prizes distributed by the Christmas Lottery are, El Gordo de Navidad or first prize, 400,000 euros to the tenth; the second prize, 125,000 euros to the tenth; or the third, 50,000 euros to the tenth. The amount of the tenth is still 20 euros.

With golden tones that give “category and dignity”, as Huerta has described, the tenth of this year will have ‘The Virgin of the Granada’ printed, a work of the Italian painter of the Quattrocento, Fra Angelico, which houses the Prado Museum in Madrid.

As announced by the president of SELAE, starting this Thursday, the Christmas Lottery may be purchased in the 11,000 points of sale in the Loterías commercial network.

During his speech, the president of SELAE highlighted the values ​​of Spanish society, in his opinion, “equality, solidarity and the determination to move obstacles”, values ​​that are also typical of State Lotteries and Betting, according to has stated.

In this sense, Huerta has stressed the social work of the public company, that has intensified during the pandemic, helping more than a million people in vulnerable situations.

Specifically, through entities such as the Red Cross, Cáritas or the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), Loterías covers basic and material needs (food, masks or medicines) and is next to people in their day to day: lending them psychosocial care when faced with the diagnosis of cancer, offering them accommodation or accompanying the elderly so that they do not feel alone.

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