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You can now learn how to create your games with the help of the Switch Video Game Studio

You can now learn how to create your games with the help of the Switch Video Game Studio.

You can now learn how to create your games with the help of the Switch Video Game Studio.

If you like video game, you are curious and creative ideas, surely you have a small developer inside. Now thanks to ‘Videogame Studio’ by Nintendo Switch, you will be able to discover it and get to work while having fun creating. The program, in fact, does not require previous experience. On the contrary, it is designed so that the learning is gradual and it is articulated in seven interactive lessons that introduce the basic concepts of programming and computational thinking in a progressive and entertaining way.

And how it works? The user will meet some peculiar beings called nodon, whose collaboration will be essential to create a game from scratch. There are dozens of nodes in ‘Video Game Studio’, each with its own function and, by connecting them in different ways, it is possible to create rules that will allow an infinite number of ideas to be captured in the game. For example, when connecting a button node to a person node, Users will create a humanoid character that knows how to jump every time we press “B”.

In that sense, ‘Video Game Studio’ is entirely visual.: no chance of failure, no complicated lines of code. Each lesson teaches how to make a small independent video game, each one in a different genre. The player will often come across questions like “And how can we make the car turn automatically to the right?” or “What if we wanted this alien to be able to launch projectiles?”, which will force us to resort to logical thinking and awaken the most hidden side of our creativity to find the most appropriate solution.

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As a reinforcement, between lesson and lesson we will have a Control Point, where problem solving will be tested based on the techniques learned in the previous lesson. Once we feel confident, it is time to bring our ideas to life in the way “Free programming”, where you can take advantage of the skills learned. Also, if you are looking for inspiration, you can exchange and download games with friends over the internet or through a local connection.

Regarding the approach to controls, ‘Video game studio’ It can be operated with a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or Pro Controller, and is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite. However, it does support a compatible mouse connected to the USB port on the Switch cradle. This option is designed for users who prefer to use a mouse when using the program. If you are interested in the format, you can download a trial version to enjoy lesson 1: “Escape with obstacles”, in which you learn the fundamentals of programming while creating a One-on-One action game from start to finish. We encourage you to take a look at the video that reviews its characteristics.

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