Tuesday, April 16

You can now send your name to the Moon on NASA’s Artemis I mission

NASA returns to the Moon in the coming weeks. And not with an exploration rover, but with the same lunar module that will carry astronauts in 2024. And in your name, if you wish.

The Artemis mission is about to start. This is how NASA has called the project that will put the first woman, and the first colored man on the Moon.

The Artemis quest (Artemis in its original English name) aims to humanity steps on the moon againmore than 50 years after the last visit, that of the Apollo 17 mission, in 1972.

It is a mission that is going to be done in stages. The uncrewed lunar module will be sent first, then a manned mission but without landing on the Moon, and finally the mission in which four astronauts will step on our satellite. You have more information in this video:

The first of these missions, the Artemis I, Has thought take off in april or marchdepending on the last tests that remain to be done.

It will be a critical mission because the SLS Space Launch System and the Orion lunar lander will be tested for the first timewhich has life-saving technology for astronauts provided by the European Space Agency.

THE SLS the most powerful rocket that the human being has created. It will be capable of launching a rocket weighing 2.7 million kilos into orbit.

The Orion lunar moduleswhich will not carry a crew on this first mission, will separate from the booster module to travel to Luna.

all the way will be powered by a service module created by the European Space Agencyto. This module will also handle supply air and water to astronautsin future missions.

Orion will hold several orbits around the MoonApproaching just 100 kilometers from its surface. He will then return to Earth. The entire mission will last one week.

The data collected will be vital to prepare the following Artemis missions, already with astronauts.

But on this first trip to the Moon, the lunar module Orion will not go completely empty. Inside it will carry a flash drive with names and surnames of all the people who want to sign up.

Lunar Calendar 2022: when does the Moon change phase

Lunar Calendar 2022: when does the Moon change phase

You just have to go to this NASA website, and in the form that appears write your name, surnames, and a PIN code of 4 to 7 characters. Your name will be included in the flash drive that the Orion spacecraft will take to the Moon, so symbolically you can say that you have been there..

It is a habitual gesture of NASA, that in all its important missions it opens a form of this type. As for example, in the recent trip to Mars of his Perseverance rover.

There is not much time left, because the Artemis I mission plans to take off between April and March.

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