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«You can’t be so naive. Without bad milk there is no art »



Paralysis and success He has paralysis in half the body, and while his friends were playing soccer, he began to draw. He left his pharmacist mother without continuing the business, he went to Barcelona to study and before finishing Elisava began to publish in ‘La Vanguardia’.

-Hey, Javi, they say that because you are young you are poor, a victim and an idiot.

-Maybe I’m an idiot, but due to lack of experience.

-They also say that you are the first generation to live worse than your parents.

-It’s discouraging.

-But true?

-Depends on how you move.

-Does the world owe you something?

-Not that I know of. We are here on loan.

-When did you feel weird for the first time?

-I liked drawing more than playing soccer or Play.

-More creative.

-And more adjusted to me, why am I going to cheat on you.

-How? Why?

-As a child I was diagnosed with a mild paralysis of the right side of my body. That is why he wrote backwards.


-Because my right side, if not used, tended to fall asleep. And when he hadn’t written anything yet, the doctors tried to get him to write with his right hand, to exercise it.

-But you were left-handed.

-And then my brain would send me to write with the right as if I were doing it with the left and the mirror effect was produced.

-Now I understand about football.

-He was a jerk, of course.

-And all this in Gijón.


-Everything easy, come on.

-Nor is it that Gijón is Mordor.


-Drawing I felt more fluid, freer. It is a very direct tool for transmitting ideas.

“Ideas of what, or what?”

-Ideas never know exactly where they come from. Sometimes they are aesthetic, sometimes humorous, sometimes nostalgic.

-Sometimes it’s political.

-I do not feel sufficiently qualified or informed to comment on politics in public.

-Are you interested?

-I should be interested.

-Did your family understand that you dedicated yourself to drawing?

-My father is an architect and he understood it. My mother too, but she is a pharmacist, she has a pharmacy, and she was clicked.

– Being young hurts you?

-No, although this world is a bit closed and sometimes they look at you like a brat who comes to nag those who are already installed.


-When it comes to charging for work or putting a price on the drawings in the exhibitions, I try not to come up, taking into account that I am still young.

– Does sexuality influence?

– At the moment they have only paid me for my drawings.



-Is incredible. You don’t complain about anything. You have not yet been as successful as other young people in this series of interviews, but only because of your positive attitude, because of your joy, and because you do not base your personality on cynicism or resentment, it is worth talking to you. And that they listen to you. Besides your talent, of course.

– The truth is that I have never had any strange situation.

-You went to a religious school.


-Good good. I suppose you already know that you are and will not be anyone if you do not denounce, after 20 years, that a priest did something wrong to you.

-I went to the Jesuits and it went very well and I have absolutely nothing to report. On the contrary.

-They’re going to call you a fascist.

-I have already told you that I am not very interested in politics.

-You left Gijón to study design at the Elisava school in Barcelona.

-Talent is a component, but only with talent is not enough. You have to be attentive, sharp. Knowing how to move, knowing how to sell yourself.

-Gijón, Barcelona.

-In small cities, the opportunities are smaller. In Barcelona there is more cultural movement, more possibilities. If I had stayed in Barcelona, ​​La Vanguardia would not have emerged.

-The vanguard.

-A classmate told me about an advertising agency that worked for the Barcelona City Council and that she wanted to enter a contest for some posters to promote a neighborhood.

-You went to the agency.

-And although the agency did not finally win the contest, they liked my drawings and they suggested that I illustrate some articles that every 15 days they wrote in ‘La Vanguardia’ about advertising and marketing.

-You haven’t finished your studies yet.

-No, I finished them this June.

-From Gijón to ‘La Vanguardia’.

-It was the first time they paid me for what I drew. Now I have been able to organize my first exhibition in Gijón, and it has gone very well for me.

-But you’ll go back to Barcelona.

-Yes, in September. There is something that is moving in Barcelona and I want to be there.

-If your drawings are not political, what are they, what do they express?

-There is no politics but there is personal intention. An aesthetic, an irony, a happy vision of the world, because the truth is that I am very happy.

-Mowgli and the snake, are drawings that have been successful. Why this recreation?

-‘The Jungle Book ‘was Walt Disney’s last movie in life. The snake is a very accomplished character, like almost all Disney villains. They are more interesting than heroes.


-Because of humor, because they are never smooth and always have something intelligent. Wicked, but smart.

-You have been disappointed in Disney remakes with people.

-Yes, because trying to give the characters more realism, they lose their spark. They try to justify the villain, they try to explain where their evil comes from, to whiten it, and make them more heroes than heroes.

-There is little tolerance for bad guys in our age.

-If you create an attractive character, as Disney undoubtedly knew how to create them, the eyes will go to him. Many times there are people who overshadow looks and they are not exactly the good ones.

-Political correction.

-I’m quite empathetic, but perhaps we have such fine skin that we have to be too careful. It is not about going to hurt, but it is not possible to be so pastelous, so naive. You have to have a sour point. Otherwise, there is nothing left. Without bad milk there is no art.


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