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You should modify the audio equalizer of your smartphone, how to get the best out of it

It is clear that the sound quality of mobile phones is getting better and better, but there are times when we would change some parameter to achieve a sound that is closer to our taste. Well, we are going to tell you how to equalize your smartphone to get the most out of it.

Many people use their smartphone from time to time to play music and that is why brands are increasingly emphasizing that the sound of the terminal is the best possible.

But they don’t always succeed, which will mean that we have a clearly improvable sound or that it doesn’t adapt to what we expected.

At that point, the only thing we can do is equalize the device, since that is how we will make it improve. In some cases, that gain will be enough to have a fairly decent audio and in others it will be useful so that what is playing has the body that we wanted from the beginning.

Today we are going to see how we can equalize a device using third-party applications that are prepared for it and that are going to help us place the audio at higher levels, something that would otherwise be impossible.

What is it and what is equalization for?

What the apps that we will see in a moment do on our device is modify audio frequencies. The more we can modify, the better the equalization will be and the better the sound will adapt to what we want.

There are some brands that incorporate an equalizer within the apps that come pre-installed, but it is also true that there are many that do not have it, that is why we must use third party applications for this need.

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In addition, we must always choose apps that allow us to equalize with total freedom, that is, that do not limit a part, since the final result is not going to be what is expected by having a part of the equalizer fixed at all times.

Many of these applications have preset certain parameters depending on the type of music we are listening to, being able to choose between jazz, pop, disco, R&B, etc. In other cases, in addition, we can create ourselves the ones we want to our liking and save them in memory.

With this type of app we will be able to improve the sound of bass and treble, make it sound louder, adapt the audio whenever we want using the saved parameters and even graphically observe the music spectrum to better analyze what we can change so that it sounds better.

Now comes the time when we are going to see what are those apps that can help us to modify the audio of our smartphone, in order to gain quality, depth and body, in addition to getting as close as possible to how we want it to sound. .

Music Equalizer Pro

Music Equalizer Pro is an app that is capable of equalize five bandsin addition to having 22 equalizer presets and being able to create the ones we want.

We are facing an application that is free on the Google Play Store and that also has other interesting functions such as control the volumecan retouch the serioussee a map of the audio where we will see all the spectrums of the music to be able to analyze it better and even customize the app itself so that it is more to our liking.

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One of the most interesting functions that this application has is that we can improve the sound of streaming music apps such as Spotify and Pandora.


Wavelet is an application that will focus on the sound of the phone when we have headphonessince we will even be able to select what type we are using, brand and model in particular.

With this he seeks that the sound best fit the device that we are using, since you already have it in your database and you know that it is better for you.

It has many functions such as set the sound (regardless of what you say our headphones do better), equalize it to our likingselect among all the functions that it offers us to test them (types of music, movies or games) and even memorize own parameters.

Another of the virtues of this application is the interface, since it is not only simple, but it is free of any interruption time, so it becomes much more bearable.

Too bad it’s a paid app and to have it you have to pay 4.99 euros in the Google Play Store. In addition, you should also know that it is not in Spanish and it is in English.

Equalizer & Bass Booster

The great virtue of Equalizer & Bass Booster is that we have, in addition to an equalizera bass enhancer at our disposal. That’s why with this app, if your phone suffers from little body in the sound, you will be able to achieve a really satisfactory effect.

In this app we will have at our disposal a function to visualize the sound, which can help us to visually analyze everything related to the sound that the device emits with the music that we have put on it.

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But it also has 10 preset equalization functions with which it is capable of establishing different parameters for each type of music or event that we are listening to on the smartphone.

Another of the best features it has is that it works with the vast majority of Music players of the market, in addition to being valid also for those who play videoso the equalization can also occur when we watch a movie.

This means that we are facing an extremely versatile app and with which we are going to be able to give that touch that we want to the sound of the mobile, even when we are watching a video.

With these three solutions we will be able to place the sound exactly where we want it, being able to select whether we want it to be more or less intense, in addition to being able to use the excellent preset parameters in these applications.

All of them are valid to equalize in the most efficient way possible, being able to control even the last part of the sound that comes out of the smartphone.

As always, you can tell us which one you liked the most on our social networks, so that we can know your opinion, something that is extremely important for us to continue improving every day and thus be able to offer you the best articles.

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