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You will continue to see Bruce Willis in the cinema, even if he is no longer him: he has sold his rights to a deepfake company

Consensual deepfakes are going to be part of movies and television in the future. The DeepCake company has taken an important step.

the popular actor Bruce Willis has sold his image right to a company of deepfake call deep cake. From now on we can see your digital twin in commercials, and perhaps in cameos in movies and television series.

Bruce Willis He became known on television in the 1980s with the series Luz de luna. But world fame came to him with the saga of The Jungle of Glass, in the 90s. Willis became one of the most popular and blockbuster actors in Hollywood. It focused on crime and action films, but has also been successful in other genres, with films like Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element, Twelve Monkeys, The Sixth Senseand even independent films.

Unfortunately, Willis he had to withdraw from public life a few months ago, after being diagnosed with aphasia. The aphasia is a language disorder characterized by the inability or difficulty to communicate through speech, writing, or mimicry. It is due to a brain injury.

It can be caused by a severe blow to the head, a stroke, or a tumor, although the origin of Willis’ disease has not been revealed. There are many degrees, but it is characterized by the patient is unable to communicate. It can affect speech, writing, or both.

Bruce Willis turned into a deepfake

Due to his illness, it seemed that we would never see the actor in professional projects again. But Bruce Willis is going to continue acting… with a digital double.

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According to The Telegraph, via, Bruce Willis has sold his image rights to the company DeepCake, specialized in the creation of deepfakes, a new artificial intelligence technology that allows replace one person’s face with anotherwithout noticeable difference.

The actor has already worked for deep cake in a mobile advertisement in Russia, and was very pleased with the result. In this video you can see how the deepfake is carried out, with a spectacular result:

In order to create a deepfake, a database of the person is needed, with different gestures and poses from different angles. The AI ​​uses them to generate new expressions that do not exist, but that seem to be made by the actor himself. Shots of him from Jungle Glass and The Fifth Element were used for the ad.

With the advent of modern technology, I was able to communicate, work and participate in filming, even when I was on another continent. It is a new and interesting experience for me, and I am grateful to the teamWillis said when he recorded the commercial.

The deepfake It is already being used successfully in movies and series. We’ve seen it in the Star Wars movies or in The Mandalorian series, to bring back young versions of Leia or Luke Skywalker.

Bruce Willis has become the first Hollywood star to sell your image rights to create deepfakes. At the moment they will be used in advertising, but it is not ruled out that they may appear in a cameo in a series or movie, perhaps in a continuation of his most famous sagas.

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