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Young, luminous and wrinkle-free skin for Christmas: Facial treatments

Facial treatments to have a special look

Facial treatments to have a special look

There is a time full of events that we have missed in recent years as a result of the pandemic. Family reunions, parties, dinners and events in which if we want something is to look good. This year we are going to value more and better these special days, the restrictions due to covid-19 are decreasing and although we must remain cautious We have the opportunity to reconnect with our families and friends on these special dates.

Aesthetic Dermatological Center has a complete range of facial treatments to have a special, smooth and luminous appearance when Christmas arrives. We will make special mention of the most demanded:

Basic cleansing and facial hygiene treatments

Cleaning and facial hygiene should be routine

They are considered habits, and should not be done as something exceptional, but as something routine that prevents the appearance of later problems. Example of cleaning and facial hygiene it can be the use of suitable cleansers and toners, as well as deep cleanings in the hands of professionals with the frequency that each skin requires.

Facial hydration treatments

The most frequent hydration treatments are carried out with hyaluronic acid, the most natural water scavenger and found in high concentrations in young skins, but that is decreasing as the years go by. Hydrations with hyaluronic acid can be performed to recover the skin hydration and look with a smoother and brighter appearance.

Revitalizing treatments with facial mesotherapy

Recover light, smoothness and vitality

Apply vitamins under the skin makes the face regain light, smoothness and vitality. This treatment can be combined with some peeling of luminosity to finally achieve an excellent result.

Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid

When expression lines have left a furrow in our skin, we can apply hyaluronic acid fillers that achieve recover the furrow and rejuvenate the expression of the face as the wrinkle is not marked. Normally, the medical professional decides the type of filling that best suits each patient.

Facial reshaping with hyaluronic acid

The result can be seen in terms of hydration, luminosity and smoothness of the skin.

This product is so versatile that depending on the density at which it is used it can be used to reposition cheekbones, facial masculinization, fill in dark circles, etc. The result, in addition to the facial structure, can also be seen in terms of hydration, luminosity and smoothness of the skin.

Wrinkle filling with Endoret Gel (PRFG)

It is a filler obtained from the patient’s own plasma and turned into a gel through a thermal procedure. The one that is a autologous product makes it possible to use it from an early age and has the advantage that growth factors are gradually released and bring their benefits at the same time that the wrinkle of expression is filled.


Although there are patients who decide to start botulinum toxin therapy earlier due to the harshness in the expression of their gestures. If applied properly, does not change the expression of the face at all and rejuvenates the look instantly after application.


Equalization of tone and lightness

There are many peelings, the most used, those of equalization of tone and those of luminosity. They can be used at any age and contribute to the face light and smoothness, thus recovering vitality in the skin.

Facelift using tension threads

Are used to but firmness to certain areas that over the years decline due to the decrease in the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin itself. It is a treatment that offers good short and medium term results and that generates security and self-esteem for the immediate improvement in the physical aspect.

Always consult with a qualified professional who performs the techniques customizing them

Although there are many possibilities when it comes to facial care, the most important thing in Aesthetic Medicine is knowing how to choose what it is at all times. what is best for the patient and what will make you feel better.

For this reason, it is important to always consult with a qualified professional who performs the techniques by customizing them to each patient, to each circumstance and seeing beauty in an integral way, as a whole. This year, we will enjoy Christmas valuing it like never before, but first, a set-up to value ourselves above all else.

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