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Young man found guilty of stabbing sisters in alleged “pact with the devil” to win the lottery

The young man had become obsessed with Satanism.

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Danyal Hussein was found guilty of stabbing two sisters to death in London, England, as part of a supposed “pact with the devil” to win the lottery.

The events for which Hussein, 19, was convicted occurred on June 6, 2020 in a park in Wembley, northeast of the capital of England.

The Old Bailey court jury found Hussein guilty this week, who consistently denied any involvement in the murder of sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27 years old.

The sentencing date has not been set.

Sisters were stabbed while celebrating one of their birthday

The sisters were stabbed after a meeting with friends to celebrate Bibaa’s birthday. Henry received eight wounds, while Smallman was stabbed 28 times in a fight against the attacker who was described by authorities as very brave. Traces of the defendant’s blood and DNA were detected on the murder weapon, at the crime scene and on the bodies of the victims. This facilitated criminal prosecution and eventual conviction.

When the victims took photos of each other at around 1:13 a.m. that Saturday in the park while celebrating, Hussein took it on both of them, according to a report in the British newspaper Daily Mail.

According to the same publication, the young man had made a pact with the devil to kill six women in exchange for winning £ 321million (more than $ 442,000 dollars) in the lottery known as Mega Millions Super Jackpot and not being discovered. After murdering the women with a 12-inch knife, the criminal hid the bodies in the brush not far from the “picnic” space where they were celebrating their birthdays until they were discovered some 36 hours later.

He used the blood of the victims to sign a deal with the devil

Hussein used the blood of his victims to sign an agreement with a “demon” to perform the sacrifice.

“Nobody expects their children to die before them, but that two of your three children are killed the same night is simply incomprehensible,” said the mother of the victims in court statements.

The woman is survived by a daughter, Monique, the one in the middle.

Hussein was diagnosed as autism but he had no signs of mental illness that posed a risk to others.

However, the young man had become obsessed with Satanism, neo-Nazi ideology, rapes and murders.

He was referred to an anti-radicalization program

Hussein took classes at Thomas Tallis School in Kidbrooke, South London, from where he fIt was reported to the government de-radicalization program known as Channel which is part of Prevent in October 2017.

Among the school administration there was concern since the minor showed vulnerability to radicalization.

Seven months later, in May 2018, he was discharged without the managers having pending concerns at that time in relation to extremist violence or terrorism, indicates a resolution of the entity cited by the Daily Mail.

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