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Young man who claimed to be a university student with a job at SpaceX murdered and dismembered his parents

Alleged university cheated and later murdered his parents.

Alleged university cheated and later murdered his parents.

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A 23-year-old man, who was pretending to be a college student about to graduate and who had just been hired to work at SpaceX, was a lazy liar who he murdered his parents and tore their bodies to pieces, scattering his parts throughout southern Wisconsin.

Chandler “Chaz” Michael Halderson created a web of lies in which He also told his parents that he worked in an insurance company and helping the police as a dive driver for a rescue team.

In early 2021, “Chaz” appeared to be quite an impressive guy, based on opening statements from his murder trial.

“Chaz” made up a big lie

All of this fell apart after the defendant’s father, Bart Halderson, 50, discovered that he was not even going to school, prosecutor William Brown told jurors on Tuesday.

“Chaz” shot his father in the back and murdered his mother Krista Halderson, 53, on his way home, and scattered the dismembered body parts throughout southern Wisconsin, Brown said. He then reported them as missing, telling a story about them going to his cabin, he added.

During the trial, the 23-year-old was described as an unemployed bum who made fun of his parents, played video games when he was supposed to be telecommuting for the insurance company, and turned to increasingly desperate stories to keep up the lies.

The prosecutor indicated that “Chaz” deceived his father for some time by claiming that he worked in a business.Or, although the older man was struck by the fact that his son did not pay the rent. After which the young man made up different stories, including saying that he had provided the wrong direct deposit information or that the company had to pay him so much money that the bank thought the deposit was false.

His lies were so elaborate that he even went so far as to create an email account of a fictitious human resources person, charade that worked for him for some time to fool his parents.

The accused had no limits

Madison Police and the state Department of Natural Resources they did not have diving equipmentsaid Brown about another of the lies told by the young man to his parents.

Halderson went to college, but he suspended his studies after one semester. The situation with the insurance company reached a critical point: Halderson allegedly claimed that he got a job at SpaceX. On this account, he lied to his girlfriend about renting an apartment and buying a car to head to Titusville, Florida, where the company has its launch facilities, the prosecutor detailed.

Like an escape from that fictional story the man pretended to have a severe concussion from a fall, allegedly claimed to have a brain hemorrhage, not being able to use his legs, among many other injuries that did not allow him to fly on an airplane.

During the trial jurors were shown images of Halderson wearing a neck brace, but surveillance footage allegedly after the murders showed him without the corset, carrying ice packs at gas stations, which Brown said were used to freeze his father’s corpse.

Chaz’s father discovered the truth about the school. Believing that the university was wrongly withholding his son’s academic record, the older man pretended to be Chaz in a phone call with a university customer service representative, learning that school officials with whom he was communicating his son were an invention.

The prosecutor noted that the man’s calendar showed that he planned to meet with school officials at 3 p.m. on July 1.

“Chaz’s” girlfriend believed in him

Bart Halderson texted his son at 2:10 pm “I’m ready when you are “, about 50 minutes before the murder. It was the last time he used his phone, Brown said.

Brown detailed that Chandler shot Bart in the back with a high powered rifle.. The defendant later texted his mother telling her that Dad’s phone was dead. The killings occurred between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., the prosecutor said.

According to the authorities, the accused reported the disappearance of his parents on July 7, alleging that they went to a cabin. Following up on the lies about his injury, the young man went to a farm owned by his girlfriend’s family, She asked to use the pool as therapy for her leg and used this as an opportunity to hide her father’s torso in a nearby forest, Brown explained.

In the beginning, his girlfriend believed in his innocence, cooperating with police investigations in an attempt to remove him; however location data on Snapchat showed when Chaz appeared to be in a forest on the Wisconsin River on July 3, contrary to his claim that he was doing housework, according to the prosecutor.

It was there that investigators found Krista Halderson’s legs scattered in various pieces, Brown said.

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