Sunday, September 25

Young people traffic with fake covid and PCR passports to enter nightclubs

As soon as it was known that the nightclubs were reopening, the massive Telegram groups where thousands of young people are concentrated organizing large bottles in Barcelona they started to burn. They celebrated the decision of the Generalitat, proposed plans for the bridge and they argued about which were the best places and clubs to go. They also shared doubts. “How will this QR thing work?” “What if I am not vaccinated yet?”, “Do you scan the QR?”, “I do not clubs that I’m not vaccinated”, “Does anyone offer a vaccination card or certificate? What happened to this, I’m anti-vaccine“And, given the demand, the offer did not take long to appear. In fact, these traffickers of false documentation had already been in those groups for at least a week.

Certificate with data from France

In the case of covid passports, this newspaper has been able to contact a person who asks for 550 euros in exchange for this PDF document. It offers a French certificate with a vaccination QR “that serves 100% throughout Europe” and is “synchronized with the data of the Government of France”. He explains that there are several Spaniards who have paid for this certificate and attaches conversations with these people who affirm that it works and that it has allowed them to pass all the scanners. Account that is part of a group that has customers all over Europe since the beginning of the summer. From Italy to Holland. “What you have to do is tell them that you’ve been a season living or working in France and that is why you have been vaccinated there “, clarifies. Although, he says, in most controls they do not even ask for your ID.

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Telegram conversation.

They only accept money in cryptocurrencies, a mode of payment in which it is more difficult to trace transactions. Ask those who want this forgery for their name and date of birth so that it matches the documentation. Send one sample to test that the certificate works, and assures that they have been falsifying covid passports since the summer, when France demanded a vaccination certificate to enter bars, cultural spaces and nightlife. He says that he does not do this to make money, but rather for ideology. “These clowns are going to close everything public and you can only enter with QR“, he stresses.” Do you know what they put in the vaccine? A lot of shit … I give it to you so you can read it what it takes … and the Government does it for free to kill us“, follow.

Counterfeit PCR to party

But in reality, to enter a disco, there are alternatives to the vaccination passport. It can also be accessed with an antigen test or negative PCR done two days before. It is a way of ensuring that, despite not being vaccinated, those who enter the premises are not infected and cannot infect others. “I am sending you a PDF with a negative PCR, I only need your date of birth and your full name“, assures another boy.” It will help you to go out to party, I have traveled with this and everything, “he insists.

Telegram conversation.

In this case, it accepts payments through the telephone number with the Bizum application but also in person. And you agree, once the data has been received and the payment made, to send the document in PDF through the instant messaging conversation. Others offer to do these same documents for five euros. There are even those who include an extra two euros for changing the date of the test so that it is valid for several nights.

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And since the price is much lower than in private clinics or laboratories, throughout this weekend many young people are looking for these counterfeits. “Someone to do PCR for today?“,” I have a ticket but I am not vaccinated, who is certified. “These are requests that are beginning to be repeated. However, there are many more messages about the resale of tickets in the clubs where they have been sold out.

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