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Young people with a social conscience – Information

Family photo in front of the palace of the Provincial Council of the young people who participated in one of the last volunteer actions.  There are people from Alicante and from Elche.  |  INFORMATION

Family photo in front of the palace of the Provincial Council of the young people who participated in one of the last volunteer actions. There are people from Alicante and from Elche. | INFORMATION

Up to 90 breakfasts are distributed on Saturday mornings among the homeless in Alicante by the young people who are part of the DNI volunteer association, which has passed in a few weeks of having about thirty members of between 14 and 18 years old more than 140. It is a project in which they participate High School students from Alicante and Elche who dedicate part of their free time to help people in extreme vulnerability already take care of the coastline with the cleaning of the Postiguet rock area. The voluntary association Damos Nuestra Ilusión was founded by young people who studied at the Aitana de Torrellano school who are already university students but which continues thanks to the growing interest of the current students of the center, young people with social conscience.

Samuel García, from 2nd year of Baccalaureate, one of the coordinators in Alicante of the volunteering activity, describes the growth of the organization in recent weeks as “surprising”. “At first we did not think that there were so many people committed to this level because it is not normal for so many young people to get up on a Saturday at 7:30 in the morning to volunteer but the fact of not being able to go out due to the coronavirus, with so many things that they can’t be done, I think it helps. People seek to meet other people and get involved, and these days all help is little.

Young people bring breakfast to a person who lives on the street. Every Saturday they give food to about 90 homeless. Next to it, garbage collection tasks on the rocks of the Postiguet. | INFORMATION

Today about 80 young people have been summoned in the Plaza de Luceros to organize the routes of their star project, the one they consider most interesting: going to the places where they know that there are people sleeping on the street to bring them breakfast and accompany them for a while. “We give them coffee, muffins and cookies, and we stay talking with them. They tell us their stories, how they ended up on the street, how they spent the night … They have to be small groups. We cannot go fifteen to wake up a homeless person and surround them, because they are overwhelmed. The rest go to the Postiguet, to the area of ​​rocks, to collect cans and plastic bottles.

They already have more than 140 interested parties and are open to all young people who want to participate. Among the routes to serve the homeless, García highlights that of Rico Pérez, where “Around 30 or 35 people sleep easily.”

“In my case,” explains the coordinator, “I arrived at the association in September. There are companions who were already there. From a personal experience level, I see that homeless people obviously have an economic problem because they lack resources but it is also a humanitarian crisis and the dignity of these people who feel neglected. When you give them hot coffee and cookies, even if they haven’t eaten for hours, what they want is to talk to us, feeling like a person, seeing that you treat them as one of the others and don’t shy away from them ». Samuel García highlights the case of a homeless man from the Rico Pérez lockers who had to be given a second hot coffee because the first one stayed cold after more than 20 minutes telling them about his life. “With a little time and very little money (the association has several collaborations) we help a lot of people,” he said.

Young people with social conscience

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