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YOUNG RENTAL VOUCHER | This is how you can request the €250 youth bonus

The Council of Ministers has approved this Tuesday, January 18, the youth bonus for rental aid. This subsidy is intended to help young people who are having difficulty coping with the price of their homes. Here we tell you the requirements to request it.

How old do you have to be to apply for help?

Young people must be between 18 and 35 years old and have an employment contract with annual income of less than 23,725 euros, that is to say, three times the Public Income Indicator for Effects (IPREM).

In addition, it is essential to prove that they live on a rental basis, be registered in said dwelling and appear in the lease contract.

Can someone who shares a flat receive it?

Yes, the amount of the aid will be per beneficiary, not by dwelling, so that each of the people who share the same dwelling can receive it in full.

The minister Raquel Sánchez has detailed that those who live in a rented room can aspire to an aid of up to 300 euros per room, expandable in certain cases to 400 euros.

If all the tenants of the apartment apply for the aid and meet the requirements, the total subsidy received may not exceed the total cost of the rent in any case. The rented home must have a maximum price of 600 euros per month, or up to 900 euros if each of the autonomous communities so decides.

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How long does the help last?

The aid may be received for a two year period. In the case of the most vulnerable families, this bonus may be completed with direct rental aid of up to 40%.

Is it compatible with other housing aid?

Yes, it can be complemented with other aid from the State Housing Plan itself, which the Council of Ministers also approved this Tuesday and which will be in force until 2025. But it cannot be made compatible with other aid for the payment of rent dependent on regional, local administrations. or any other administration, except in the case of those intended for groups designated as vulnerable.

The rental bonus, in addition, may be received at the same time as the non-contributory pensions and the Minimum Vital Income (IMV).

How can you apply?

The rental bonus can be requested from January 18, the date of approval of the decree law and its subsequent publication in the BOE, through the offices of the Department of Housing of the autonomous communities.

This procedure can be carried out both in person and online at the electronic office.

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