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Young & Restless: Victor surprises Adam by considering Victoria’s offer to buy Newman Media

At Newman-Locke, Victoria hopes Ashland is happy with the year-end figures. It may even outdo itself in the coming months. Just then, Adam walks in and asks if he really thinks he’ll get away with it.

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At the ranch, Michael tells Victor that he has told everyone that he is stepping down as district attorney and that he can be more available to him as his private attorney. Victor is delighted and reports that Newman-Locke has just filed a lawsuit against Newman Media.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda wraps up a meeting with a client, then tells Phyllis that her law firm will soon be on solid footing. The conversation turns to Phyllis, who just needs advice about her whole future. “I am trying to decide whether to leave the city of Genoa forever and start a new beginning.” She reveals that Summer offered her a job at Marchetti and she is considering it. Amanda is taken aback, but Phyllis reminds her that she doesn’t want to cause chaos and questions the idea that it’s rooted there. Amanda knows she misses her daughter, but this seems extreme – she would miss a lot of people here who care about her. She would like him to stay.
Amanda speaks Phyllis Y&R

Phyllis chokes up and sighs that Amanda is her only friend besides Michael and Lauren. Amanda asks about Nick and Jack. Phyllis shrugs; “They are not friends, they are my ex-husbands.” Her friend believes she feels left out of their lives and suggests moderation. Phyllis argues that it won’t get her closer to Summer. Amanda questions if moving to Milan is really what she wants, or is it about Jack going radio silent? Phyllis denies it, but Amanda is skeptical. The redhead insists that it’s about her: she doesn’t know what to do and is becoming complacent. Amanda asks, “What about this hotel? You’re irreplaceable.” Phyllis shrugs thinking she might sell it. Amanda thinks that would kill her. Phyllis admits it would hurt, but she would have a career in Milan.

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At Newman-Locke, Adam gets upset that Victoria sued his company over Newman’s name and reminds him that his father is part of Newman Media. Victoria argues that they plan to rename Chance Comm as Newman Media. Adam thinks he’s gone crazy. She suggests that he update and change his company name. “How about Victor and son?” She informs him that Newman Media is no longer available to him. Adam wants a minute alone with her and Ashland leaves for lunch. Adam informs Victoria that he sees right through her. They argue when Adam suggests that he call his media division Newman Communications; the name had never mattered to him before. He accuses her of trying to damage the success she has earned. Victoria scoffs at Dad giving her a company to run. Adam believes that she is jealous and declares that he has wasted his energy in this endeavor, that it will fail and will not do well for the old man. Victoria takes a call and fires him.
Adam confronts Victoria Y&R

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At the ranch, Michael notices that Victor seems awfully cool about Victoria suing him. Victor admires his courage; she will not go down without a fight. He adds that she made him an offer for the company, but he turned it down, and keeps Adam out of the loop. Michael declares that they don’t have a case. Victor wonders if this is just retaliation and Michael offers to do some digging. Victor has a better plan…

In Society, Ashland talks to someone about an issue that she will lead with Victoria’s full support. He logs out when Michael walks in and asks if he has a moment to chat.

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Victor arrives at Victoria’s office and closes the door. He gets up to greet her with a kiss and reflects on his Newman-surnamed visitors today. Victor told his secretary to suspend all calls so he could talk about a serious matter. He wants to know if she is serious about the lawsuit. “If you are, of course you realize who you’re dealing with. I am Victor Newman. I created that name. I built my empire, and it will always remain under my name.” Victoria says that’s his point: Newman Media should belong to the empire he created. Victor ponders the Newman-Locke nickname. He realizes that she is doing this to take advantage. Victoria informs him that what is good for the company is good for him. Victor asks if he would consider his offer, where would that leave Adam? “Would you be running the newly expanded company?”
Victoria Victor Y&R office

Victoria asks if they are negotiating. She’s not thrilled about the idea of ​​keeping Adam, but she’d consider the idea. She asks if he would agree. “We certainly don’t trust each other.” She warns him that she would mind if he sold her the company. “If Adam refuses to come on board, is that a deal breaker for you?” Victor agrees that Adam will resist working under his leadership, but he needs a dose of humility right now. Victoria is pleased that he is considering her offer and asks if he has changed his mind. Victor ponders about changing his mind only after careful consideration. He asks Victoria to think of a figure and not to lowball him before he leaves.

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At the hotel, Phyllis admits to Amanda that she misses Jack’s kindness, and he is very funny. She is trying to make everything amazing and fabulous all the time and if she lives in Milan she will be. Amanda asks what exactly he would be doing there. Phyllis thinks the job is in marketing. It’s in my wheelhouse. Amanda encourages her to go on a trip, but she doesn’t take the job. Not until she talks to someone who knows her better than she does. She sends a text message.

At Society, Michael informs Ashland that he will be working as Victor Newman’s private attorney. The conversation turns to the lawsuit and Michael confesses that Newman Media is not concerned: the case is baseless. Locke reflects that he certainly lives up to his reputation. Michael questions what he knows about him, but Ashland reflects on his past criminal charges. Michael is flattered that he did his homework and is also fascinated by Ashland’s business reputation and the article Billy wrote about him. Ashland sums up that they’ve both seen it all and live for a good fight. Adam shows up and asks if he can join them.
Michael Society Y&R

Ashland hopes Adam’s conversation with Victoria went well. The Newman is sure that she will tell him all about it. Adam is shocked to hear that Michael has been hired by his father, but recovers and guesses that their conversation is about Newman-Locke suing Newman Media. Ashland promotes them to bring the name back to the flagship company it belongs to. He goes, and Michael tells Adam not to worry about the lawsuit. “We have it.”

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At the hotel, Phyllis is anxious to find out who Amanda texted to back her up. She doesn’t say so, so they continue to discuss the possible move to Milan and the appeal of the Great Phoenix. Michael arrives and is the person Amanda texted. Amanda informs him about the redhead’s plan to leave Genoa City for good. Michael informs his friend, “If I have to stay, so do you.” Phyllis is upset that Amanda brought Michael, who wants to know what triggered the urge to run away. Phyllis explains that Summer wants her to work at Marchetti. Michael tells him that he can and should say no to the crazy offer. He loves the city of Genoa! He reviews how much he has grown since the days of manipulating Danny Romalotti and becoming a person who stands up for what he believes in. He’s insulted that she would even consider bailing out. She never mentioned wanting to move to Italy, so he doesn’t agree with this. Amanda isn’t either. Michael insists that it’s a bad idea for her to get close to Summer: working for her daughter at Marchetti would destroy their relationship. Phyllis starts to laugh at his concerns, but backs off when he yells at her.
Phyllis reverse ciringe Y&R

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Michael tells Phyllis that he needs to know that she has come to so he can move on. Phyllis doesn’t know whether to feel touched or upset. Michael growls, “Keep your hat on,” noting that Amanda called him there because she cares. “Make some changes here in the city of Genoa.” Phyllis drowns. He reminded her of the person she used to be. Michael asks what aspect of old school Phyllis they’re referring to. Phyllis says, “Not that part,” telling Amanda, “I learned a lot of lessons.” Amanda and Michael agree to back a trip to Milan, if only so she and Summer can remember how often they bump into each other when they’re really close. Amanda mentions Jack and Phyllis insists that he doesn’t figure in this. Michael makes a mocking face.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland updates Victoria on her encounter with Michael Baldwin. They speculate about Victor’s reasons for strengthening his legal team. Ashland explains that Adam joined them. They both think he was trying to play a mind game. Victoria is intrigued that Adam didn’t know that Victor hired Michael and is convinced that he is keeping things from her. “My father stopped by and we had the most interesting conversation.” They puzzle their angle to bring Michael on board. Victoria knows her father is up to something very different.

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At the ranch, Adam wants to know why Victor didn’t tell him that he hired Michael. “Is there something going on that I should know about?” Victor tells her that Victoria approached him the other day and offered to buy Newman Media. Adam assumes he turned her down and realizes that’s the reason for the lawsuit. Victor surprises Adam by declaring that he is seriously considering his offer.
Adam surprised Y&R

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