Wednesday, June 29

‘Your face sounds to me’, ‘Got Talent’ and ‘Research team’ compete today for the audience

‘Got Talent España’.

The fourth gala of ‘Your face sounds like 9 ‘to me comes tonight to Antenna 3 (10:10 pm). On this occasion, On this occasion, María Pelaé will perform with Pastora Soler thanks to the ‘Original and Copy’ box and Los Morancos will be uploaded to the cloner to be Frank Sinatra and Bono. David Fernández will be Torrebruno, Loles León will transform into Gary Low and Nia Correia will have the challenge of being Pussycat dolls. On the other hand, Eva Soriano will get into Rosalía’s skin. In addition, while Agoney, winner of this third gala, will be Frankie Valli, Rasel will become Tom Jones and Lydia Bosch will become Bebe.

Telecinco broadcasts tonight (22:00 hours) the second semifinal of ‘Got Talent España 7’. On this occasion, the movement art group ‘Origen’, the singer Joao Paulo, the mentalist Javier Botía, the girl Liliya Turkeieva, the Teresa Tessier Center Dance group, the tightrope walker Chiko, the flamenco dancer Mariela La Tremendita, rapper Samuel LSC, acrobats Dúo Turkeev, Grande Mago, singer Haizea, dancers Daniel McDance and Ian So Bad, magician and fakir Jonathan Barragán and singer-songwriter Silvina Magari will fight to qualify for the final. In addition, Dani Martínez will dare with an imposing challenge after the performance of one of the contestants: walking barefoot on a carpet of burning embers.

The business of branded sneakers, under examination at laSexta

For its part, the sixth bet tonight (10:30 p.m.) on a new delivery of ‘Research team’. The program presented by Gloria Serra shows how thousands of people buy brand shoes and then resell them on specialized websites that work like the bag. They come out with a starting price as if it were an auction and in just 24 hours they can reach more than 1,000 euros. Sneakers have become investment assets comparable to the art market. A business that of reselling that already moves 1,800 million euros. Parallel to the big legal business, the black market for counterfeits is growing. The Tax Agency has seized 15,000 fake pairs valued at more than 3 million euros so far this year. But the illegal business continues to grow.

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‘Dolores: the truth about the Wanninkhof case’ , occupies the prime time of Four (10:15 p.m.). Toñi Moreno, Daniel Montero and Alfonso Egea will offer their account of the events before the broadcast of the second episode of the documentary series’ Dolores. The truth about the Wanninkhof case. ‘ Next, the three experts will take a tour through the judicial history of the case until the release and the exoneration of all guilt of the protagonist.

Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela in La 1

Also, a new pass from ‘Invictus’ (22:10 hours) occupies the prime time of The 1 from TVE. Adaptation of a book by John Carlin (Playing the enemy). In 1990, after being released, Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) became president of his country and decreed the abolition of “Apartheid”. Its objective was to carry out a policy of reconciliation between the black majority and the white minority. In 1995, the celebration of the Rugby World Cup in South Africa was the instrument used by the black leader to build national unity.

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