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Your neighbor’s trash, a real treasure?

What is the circular economy?

For more than three centuries, specifically since the Industrial Revolution, the model that has prevailed in our society is the linear one. An economy that creates products, which citizens use and then discard. Promoting the use of new raw materials to be able to manufacture new products, which greatly impacts the environment.

The circular economic model gives a radical turn to this strategy, with a new, more responsible consumption methodology, with the aim of taking advantage of and making the most of waste, transforming it and thus allowing consumers to use it again.

New tendencies

If the growth in both population and consumption of our current society continues, the situation will reach a point (in the medium term) that will become unsustainable, if not already.

And why not, in the creativity of the human being can be the solution. Every day new ideas and proposals arise that revolve around a more sustainable world and that also add social components, which provides a double benefit.

But how can we get new benefits from what we currently think of as just waste? Are you aware of the latest trends?

Stooping: Instagram to the rescue of homeless furniture

It has happened to everyone at some time. A quiet walk down the street becomes a true showcase of street furniture: armchairs, sofas, tables … all next to a garbage container or even in any other area where its previous owner thought it was good to get rid of that element that he had plenty of it and that many other people would find it ideal in their favorite corner of the room.

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Leather sofa vintage picked up on the street and restored.

The stooping It is a movement that is succeeding in social networks, not only in Spain but also internationally. It all revolves around accounts of stooping of Instagram classified by cities, the procedure is very simple: someone bumps into a piece of furniture, takes a photo, provides it to the Instagram account of their city, detailing its exact location and the account publishes it to give it visibility and who to whom You are interested in coming, picking it up and taking it to your home.

Although this practice was obviously carried out previously, thanks to social networks and this phenomenon, the movement stooping It gives it greater notoriety and is a great help so that none of these “treasures” is left in oblivion.

Upcycled Art: A transgressive artistic movement

The upcycled Recycled art is an artistic movement that is currently inspiring and reaching more and more people around the world. This type of art aims to transform common waste into authentic works of art and, at the same time, raise awareness through creativity.

Recycled maps turned into a great piece of floral art.

This movement, which usually has an enormous critical spirit, is in turn very inclusive artistically, since we can find all kinds of artistic styles: from painting, sculpture, fashion, representations on the furniture of a house, or workplace. … Furthermore, in this case the environmental values, in terms of recycling and reuse of the material, have as much value as the work itself.

Thanks to the creations of this movement, it is possible to transform what would simply be the waste of a neighborhood into pieces of great cultural, social and, therefore, also economic value.

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Other upward movements

The circular economy is confirmed as the economic model of the present and future, which encourages development without forgetting the environment. For this reason, given the need to make better use of resources, there are more and more activities on the rise that advocate a change in the environmental paradigm.

ISR: Changing the world through investing

Profitability is no longer the only parameter that measures the success of an investment: climate change, social inequality or economic imbalances are issues that have begun to concern investors increasingly aware of the positive impact that their investments have on the planet .

The success of an investment should not be measured solely by profitability, this type of investment goes further and also seeks to raise awareness of sustainability, inequality or social imbalances.

Despite not being a recent innovation, it is a trend that is more on the rise than ever. While the ISR (socially responsible investments) do not have a unique definition, they depend on criteria that evaluate investments beyond their profitability.

In recent times, interest in environmental sustainability is unstoppable in our society, and citizens are increasingly aware of issues such as recycling or sustainable transport. Due to this emotional situation, with SRI, this behavior is also to be transferred to investments. If you believe in social responsibility, why not go one step further?

Environmental insurance: Whoever pollutes pays!

The environmental insurance are becoming increasingly important in the business world. They are becoming essential to respond to the deterioration of the environment that originates the activity of the company.

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This is the result of greater environmental awareness and, of course, of the progressive tightening of the norms oriented to this end.

Through these policies, insurers repair or replace damaged natural resources and offer preventive measures so that it does not happen again and that the possible damages do not go further.

Obviously, companies are not intended to pollute, but they can suffer accidents and environmental insurance is the way to protect themselves and the ecosystem: an evolution as a society that results in a more sustainable environment.

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