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Your personality depends on what you eat

This study concludes that a link has been established between a person’s microbiome, which comes from what they eat, and their current mood.

Each person is a world when it comes to the foods they like the most, some people more attracted to the Mediterranean diet, others to vegan food, foods more from the interior or there are other people who eat practically everything, and that can affect to our personality.

And now a new study comes to say that we are what we eat, and it is that they suggest that there are several bacteria and metabolomes associated with each personality trait.

The conclusion comes from a study by the University of Texas where Matthew Lee Smithassociate professor in the department of environmental and occupational health, states that this research “reinforces many of the public health concepts related to nutrition and health. Your gut microbiome may be influencing who you are, not just who you are today”.

To do this, the researchers studied the correlation between mental energy (ME), mental fatigue (MF), physical energy (PE) and physical fatigue (PF).

They then found that bacteria and the metabolome associated with metabolism were associated with mental or physical energy, while bacteria associated with inflammation were associated with mental or physical fatigue.

On the other hand Ali Boolanian associate professor in the department of physical therapy at Clarkson University, adds that “what you eat determines the bacteria and microbiome in your gut. With this study, we have established an exploratory link between a person’s microbiome and their mood”.

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And is that fatigue is a problem that contributes to poor performance at work and school, and can be attributed to many diseases and disorders in adults and younger. And is that one area that has been shown to contribute to fatigue is nutrition, or lack thereof.

And it is that food is the greatest source of energy and a healthy diet may end up helping to combat some of the dangers associated with fatigue.

To prove this, the researchers studied a subset of individuals within a larger study that investigated the gut microbiome. The participants went on to complete a survey to identify possible correlations between the gut microbiota and energy and mental and physical fatigue.

After that they discovered that all four traits ME, MF, PE, and PF have unique gut bacteria profilesbut overlapping, leading them to the conclusion that the role of the gut microbiota needed to be further explored in understanding feelings of energy and fatigue.

The teacher Matthew Lee Smith adds that “we know that energy and fatigue can be influenced by many things such as what you eat, your physical activity, your sleep, your chronic conditions or the medications you take”.

Understanding how nutrition and malnutrition are related to fatigue and energy is important because falls, chronic fatigue, and lack of energy can decrease the health and quality of life of older adults living with chronic illness”, he maintains.

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