Wednesday, October 27

Your zodiac sign is no longer what it was (literally)

Constellations move, so your sign changes

Constellations move, so your sign changes

No, you are not having a bad day because we are in Mercury retrograde and that is why your boss has told you off. You have not been angry with your flirt because you are Aries and he is Cancer and, of course, the signs of fire are not very compatible with those of water. Despite the horoscopes They have returned with strength and are a way to believe that we can improve our work and love life, the truth is that surely you are not even the Zodiac sign what do you think.

How? That i am not Virgo? But I am very orderly and I plan things a lot. Well friend Sit back, you might just not be that special and just be a neat person like any other.

The zodiac It is a tradition in astrology that dates back 2,000 years. As explained by professor of psychology Glenn Gehers in Psychology Today, the 12 signs that we know today are based on what the sky looked like around 600 BC. But we no longer see this sky the same because of the natural movement of the Earth over time, so the constellations of Scorpio, Taurus, Piscesetc, they are no longer where we think they are.

In other words, according to this psychologist, no matter how much you were born on September 3, you are not Virgo: the planet has moved so much that the position of the Sun in relation to the location of the constellation that it is no longer the same. In fact, as the professor of astrophysics explains Raj Pandya from the State University of New York, all the constellations of the zodiac have shifted “about a month since the traditional dates were determined.”

Therefore, if you were born on September 3, you are Leo —Oh no, surprise, suddenly you are a person who loves to be made home and you are very proud, the complete opposite of your supposed Virgo.

Now, deep down this shouldn’t worry you too much because after all the personality descriptions on which the horoscope is based are so general that anyone could feel identified with them.

It is what is known as the Barnum effect in the psychology of supernatural belief. This shows how if you write a broad enough personality description you can make anyone believe that it corresponds to their particular personality.

Sorry, in the end science shows how your horoscope is probably not what you think it is. Surely it won’t cost you too much to accept your new sign once you assume that they are not very scientific either let’s say. So good, we will always have memes and tests like “What cheese are you according to your sign” and with that you can have a laugh:

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