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Yulimar Rojas, triple jump world record

Yulimar Rojas, world record for triple jump.

Yulimar Rojas, world record for triple jump.

The Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas, double triple jump world champion, conquered in Tokyo her first Olympic gold with a new world record, 15.67 meters on her last attempt, and Ana Peleteiro, her training partner under the leadership of Cuban Iván Pedroso, won bronze after beating her Spanish record twice.

Yulimar Rojas’ record improves by 17 centimeters the world record set by the ucraniana Inessa Kravets the 10 of August of 1995 in the World-wide ones of Gothenburg (Sweden).

The portuguese Patricia Mamona, with 15.01 in his fourth jump, rose with the silver medal, and Peleteiro, beating his national record first with 14.77 in the second shift and then with 14.87 in the fifth, he took bronze.

The only athlete in the world who had exceeded 15 meters in the last Olympic cycle (and also 17 times before today, including his six competitions this year), Yulimar Rojas had promised “a great show” in the final, even though there was no audience to enjoy the show.

And it fulfilled what was promised. In his first jump he went to 15.41 meters, putting himself out of the reach of all his rivals, and dismissed the contest with the best jump in history.

Nobody harbored the least doubt about his victory, due to his quality, his competitive claw and his impressive physique (192 centimeters tall, 72 kilos). Yulimar, trained, like Ana Peleteiro, by Cuban Iván Pedroso in his Spanish camp in Guadalajara, it was more than half a meter ahead of all the others.

And that’s a lot in elite athletics, even triple jump. The Venezuelan has a huge margin to win without having to do complicated mathematical calculations during the race to adjust to the take-off table.

In the qualifying round he left 39 centimeters between the toe of the shoe and the board, and still jumped 14.77 meters, 15 centimeters more than his co-worker Peleteiro.

His rivals were resigned to fight for second place

The real unknown was to see if the Venezuelan could dress her first Olympic title with a new world record, erasing from the lists the old record of the Ukrainian Inessa Kravets (15.50), who will no longer be 26 years old.

Furrier, condemned to live in the shadow of her “office” partner every time she competes in global championships, she reached the final “with the knife between her teeth”, knowing that the medals would be expensive, close to 15 meters, and for that she needed to surpass herself, beat her record in Spain (14.73).

Its beginning was also, at its level, estimable: 14.55, but better was that of the Portuguese Patricia Mamona, 14.91, which almost ended the fight for the silver medal.

The Spanish reacted by beating for four centimeters his Spanish record with 14.77 in the second shift. She was placed third, while the defender of the title, Caterine Ibargüen was struggling in lower marks (14.25, 14.01 and 14.19) and was left out of the last three jumps.

When the jamaicana Shanieka Ricketts He overtook her with his 14.84 of his fourth jump, Peleteiro knew that he would have to overcome again, and he did it in the penultimate round with those 14.87 that were worth the bronze medal.

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