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Yves Saint Laurent surrenders to the veteran of Al Pacino

Until now, most of the large firms of fashion and the cosmetic they only had eyes for a very specific profile of ‘celebrities’: young people -under 25 years old-, handsome and with perfect bodies. But the mature stars begin to assert themselves in a field, that of advertising, which has seen a plus in seniority.

Many times, a face furrowed by the wrinkles of life transmits more than one without the slightest defect, and good proof of this is that important companies figures of the who, the music and fashion more than veterans.

One A clear example of this trend is Al Pacino, who until now was characterized by being one of the few interpreters who in his entire career had never lent his image to a campaign in the United States. However, at 81 years old, the American actor and director, known for his roles as Michael Corleone in ‘The Godfather’ and Tony Montana in ‘The Price of Power’, has become the star signing of Yves Saint Laurent.

The Oscar-winning artist, whom we can now see in ‘The House of Gucci’, a film by Ridley Scott in which he appears rigorously dressed in the legendary French fashion house, stars in the new spring-summer spot of YSL, in which he prints his undoubted talent between the cameras.

In the campaign, in black and white and directed by David Sims, the interpreter appears slightly disheveled, wearing sunglasses and a black pinstripe suit with a metallic touch.

To replicate Al Pacino, the brand’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello, has tapped the iconic 65-year-old model Jerry Hall.

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the ex of Mick Jagger Demonstrate your extensive experience as a mannequin and poses like a diva: with sunglasses and a series of designs signed by Vaccarello, such as an elegant black double-breasted dress with a jacket.

Cher is another great figure, in his case of pop music, which despite her 75 years is not willing to lose steam. What differentiates the singer from Al Pacino is that she is ahead of him as an advertising claim, since in recent years, more than singing, she has dedicated herself to multiplying her earnings by posing for popular brands.

In fact, the interpreter of ‘You haven’t seen the last of me’ has started the year becoming the muse of MAC Cosmetics and the firm Ugg, boots that are adored by the ‘celebrities’ of half the planet.

As far as the campaign of the Canadian make-up multinational is concerned, Cher appears extremely made-up together with the singer and ‘influencer’ Saweeti.

The advertisement, which is called ‘Challenge Accepted’, was launched on January 4 and in it the firm asks its followers to test its cosmetics in terrible conditions such as with sweat, to demonstrate the excellent quality of its products.

At the end of the video, you can see how Cher poses with the mediatic dress that she wore on the cover of ‘Time’ magazine in 1975.

In a spot that defends maternal love and emphasizes the importance of caring for the planet, the artist, wearing a multicolored kaftan and classic black mini boots, explains that they consider her an icon, “which makes no sense to me. I think a lot has happened to me in my life and people can empathize with me, and then I feel empathy for people. I mean, I have style but I don’t know what it is, and I don’t pay much attention to it either. Throughout life people have hated me or loved me. I mean… deep down you want them to love you, but in the end it’s ‘give them‘. My last words,” he concludes.

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advertising saga

The advertising history of George Clooney deserves a separate chapter. The interpreter at 60 years old, occupies the position of honor as ambassador of a firm for the longest time.

With Nespresso, the manufacturer of coffee machines, Clooney starred in his first commercial in 2006, in which he famously uttered the line “What else?”

Since then many Hollywood stars have accompanied Clooney in this publicity saga, as his friend Matt Damon, Jack Black, John Malkovich y Jean Dujardin.

Another star who has spent years standing up for the same brand is Sharon Stone, 63. The protagonist of ‘Basic Instinct’ signed a contract in 2014 to act as an ambassador for the Alain Affelou franchised opticians.

This agreement, which is still in force, allowed the French company to collaborate with the actress’s charitable cause, focused on AIDS research.

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