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Zamora Family: El Súper de los Pastores saved them from closing their restaurants


His idea of ​​a “super neighborhood” emerged in the middle of the pandemic, when they had to close all their restaurants. In 2020 they opened eight stores in Santander and in 2021 seven in Madrid.

From left to right Lucía Zamora, María Gorbeña, Mercedes Sebrango and Carlos Zamora
From left to right Lucía Zamora, María Gorbeña, Mercedes Sebrango and Carlos ZamoraS.P.
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327 producers. 1,219 artisan and ecological products and 879,830 euros in purchases only from June to December 2020. The figures belong to El Súper de los Pastores, the project that the Zamora family launched in the middle of the pandemic. Of Cantabrian origin, the Zamora are well known not only in Santander but also in Madrid, where they have spread the ideas they started in their city. 15 years ago the brothers Lucía and Carlos Zamora (50) began the first of their projects: to rehabilitate a family home located in Santander to turn it into the Deluz restaurant. “I studied hospitality management in Switzerland and the US and Lucía is a lawyer. The only one who really had experience in this sector was me. My sister came from the NGO world and had always worked in large companies. We asked the bank for a loan and my mother guaranteed us. She was a photographer and worked for decoration magazines, “Carlos Zamora told LOC.

His group, Deluz y Compañía, has a growing portfolio of restaurants. In addition to Deluz, in Santander they have La Caseta de Bombas, El Italiano and El Machi. In Madrid they own the La Carmencita tavern, Celso y Manolo tavern, La Vaquería Montañesa and Café Angélica. They are experts in opening businesses in times of crisis. Their restaurant chain emerged from the crisis of 2007, where they bet on differentiating themselves in the product they put on the plate. There began the network of small producers that are the germ of El Súper de los Pastores. The pandemic arrived and all its restaurants closed. This second crisis made them react very quickly. “Suddenly we had to close all the restaurants and also the gear of the small producers from whom we were buying. The week of closing we decided to concentrate, we spoke with 50 producers and we mounted El Súper de los Pastores at a Slack meeting. We mapped Santander and suddenly in June 2020 we opened eight small stores there. We couldn’t let the producers throw away the milk, the meat … because the primary sector does not have ERTEs, it does not stop and the raw material had to be released “, assures Carlos.

They replicated the idea in the capital and Madrid already has seven stores. Carlos and his sister Lucía once again had a lot of intuition in the development of the business when choosing the location of El Súper de los Pastores in Madrid. The establishments are in very central neighborhoods such as Chamberí, Salamanca and Justicia. “We have opened them all from March to June 2021. We opened right after the covid, so we find cheap rentals in highly sought-after sites, otherwise it would not have been possible. “

Aurelio, Ovidio, Ángeles and Azucena are some of the shepherds who work with the Zamora family and who have become the reason for their business. Through a private company like that of this family, the so-called emptied Spain is being made present. “The big city without the field will cease to exist. The primary sector cannot disappear and I think it is vital that we all understand this. For this, you have to guarantee the shepherds that they will sell at a fair price so that there is continuity. Many of our pastors are second generation, that is, the children of the parents who started with us. “

Carlos acknowledges that it is still too early to make an assessment in economic figures of El Súper de los Pastores. “At the moment we are settling in, people are testing us. So far this year more than 180,000 people have come to our stores.” Its clientele is very varied: “Many mothers and grandmothers buy from us and this gives you a lot of security. Also people concerned about the environment, especially young people. Then others who are looking for a very good product. Much better is a lamb that comes from a sheep raised in expansive ranching that grazes on pastures. “

The Zamora do not stay here. To take advantage of the products in their stores, they have set up a central kitchen to sell prepared dishes in supermarkets. They also have a catering, they are working on implanting their products in companies and they already have an agreement with Brittany Ferries. “We bring them cheeses, cheesecakes, organic beef, etc.”, resume Carlos.

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