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Zapatero and Monedero appear in Caracas as electoral overseers of Maduro


Chavista television broadcast tonight the cordial reunion between Zapatero and the revolutionary leadership, with Nicols Maduro at the head

Former Prime Minister Jos
The former president of the Government, Jos Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, greets the president of Venezuela, Nicols Maduro, tonight in Caracas.

The former president of the Spanish government, Jos Luis Rodrguez Zapatero, and Juan Carlos Monedero, The founder of Podemos, they have reappeared in Caracas hours before the electoral day begins. When the polls open this Sunday, 20 million Venezuelans will elect 23 governors and 335 mayors, in the return of a large part of the opposition to the electoral fight despite the fact that they remain major democratic deficiencies.

Chavista television broadcast tonight the cordial reunion between Zapatero and the revolutionary leadership, with Nicols Maduro at the head. The vice president was also present in the hug distribution. Delcy Rodrguez and his brother Jorge, at the head of the revolutionary Assembly.

The regime’s propaganda apparatus placed Zapatero as an “international observer”, as well as Coin purse, who did not participate in the personal meeting but was present in the front row, along with the former Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba, during Maduro’s subsequent meeting with his guests. The president took advantage of the closeness of his allies to raise the tone in a threatening way.

Both the European Union and the United Nations have sent observers to the elections, but their return does not stop bothering the Bolivarian power, fearful of the verdict of his officials. “The EU must respect the legitimacy of the powers of Venezuela in the electoral process. No nation in the world can give a verdict on the validity of a genuinely national and sovereign process of a country. Venezuela defends its rights!” president town “. Maduro accused the EU envoys of suffering “old colonialist complexes, with those who seek to humiliate the countries “.

“They get off that cloud and get humbled. They will have the overwhelming political, international and diplomatic response that Venezuela will give at the time,” Maduro disparately in front of his guests.

The ex-leader of the PSOE, already converted into the main ally of the Bolivarian revolution in Europe, has participated in previous elections as a companion, despite the fact that they were rejected by Western democracies. Zapatero also participates in the Puebla Group, Conclave of leftist, populist and revolutionary Latin American leaders, which has as one of its main missions whitewash the management of the “son of Chvez.”

In today’s elections Zapatero will have his political heart divided, since his man in Caracas, Timoteo Zambrano, and his Cambiemos party are part of the Democratic Alliance, a coalition of collaborationist parties, situated in an orbit more or less close to the revolution. This bloc, which faces the real opposition of the Democratic Unity throughout the country, is made up of the famous scorpions (the politicians subsidized by the magnate Alex Saab, extradited to the United States); the parties intervened by the government, such as Accin Democrtica or Copei; the Progressive Outpost of Henri falcn (ex-Chavista governor / opponent); the evangelicals of Javier Bertucci and Let’s change.

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