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Zaplana mediated to sell the Colón towers in Madrid for 200 million and a commission of 15

The former Minister of Labor Eduardo Zaplana mediated to sell the Colón towers, located in the square of the same name in Madrid. A real estate transaction to be carried out for 200 million euros and whose mediation was going to report to the intermediaries a commission of 15 million. The sale of the Colón towers, a 23-story skyscraper designed by the Madrid architect Antonio Lamela, did not work, but has served the agents of the group of crimes against the administration of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard to collect new evidence of the “administrative capacity of Eduardo Zaplana over the company Costera del Glorio SL”, property of his youthful friend and alleged front man, Joaquín Barceló.

The UCO agents indicate in their last report contributed to the Erial case that “the interest of this operation does not lie in its own dynamics and purpose, unrelated to this investigation, but at the disposition of the company Costera del Glorio exercised by Eduardo Zaplana, which channels the intended business through it “.

The steps for the real estate operation began in 2017 when Beatriz Grande Pesquero, former magistrate, former general director of Justice of Madrid who currently practices law in a professional office and friend of Zaplana “for more than thirty years”, carried out together with the former minister “a series of steps related to the sale of the property located in Plaza de Colón number 2 in Madrid, colloquially known as Torres de Colón “, say the UCO agents in their report.

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Two people had contacted Grande Pesquero to inform him that “they are in contact with the owner of the Colón towers, a citizen of Swiss origin, interested in selling the property “. According to the Civil Guard,” one of the possible buyers of the property was the Lopesan hotel chain“, a Canarian tourism firm” leader in the Canary Islands and one of the top ten in all of Spain “, according to its website.

And that’s where Eduardo Zaplana comes in. “Beatriz Grande contacts Eduardo Zaplana to make the offer of the property to the hotel group, given the relationship that Zaplana would maintain with some of its directors. “In fact, this is confirmed by Zaplana’s agendas seized by the Civil Guard in the records of the Erial case. On September 21, 2017, the former minister and then delegate for Europe of Telefónica, met at the Villa Magna Restaurant with Eustasio López, president of the Lopesan group that occupies position 87 in the Forbes list of “the 100 most important businessmen in Spain” and with problems with the law since he was processed on 1 December for alleged corruption of minors Francisco Moreno, Lopesan’s communication director from 2014 to 2018, also attended the meeting. A meeting that was repeated hours later with the lawyer Beatriz Grande at the Goizeko Restaurant, according to Zaplana’s agenda.

Hotel group advisor

Francisco Moreno confirmed to the UCO agents that he had “periodic meetings” with Eduardo Zaplana “to comment on current issues that could be of interest to the Group, which were produced by Eduardo Zaplana’s advisory role for the Lopesan Group”. And that in the framework of those meetings he offered them “to mediate in the sale of the Torres de Colón for their acquisition by the Lopesan Group, which was considering expanding in Madrid.”

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The former director of communication confirmed to the investigators of the Erial case that the Lopesan Group “ruled out this operation from the beginning, although Eduardo Zaplana reiterated on several occasions the possibility of taking an interest in the operation”. In fact, the intention of the former minister was to mediate through the Costera del Glorio company, as confirmed by several emails exchanged between Beatriz Grande and Zaplana’s secretary, Mitsouko Henríquez (investigated in this case) between September and November 2017. The sale of the property was valued at 200 million and the fees for the four intermediaries was 15 million. The operation did not work for a small detail. The Torres de Colón belonged to Mutua Madrileña since 1995 and not to a Swiss owner, as stated by the two proponents of the operation.

The magistrate on leave of absence and former court inspector of the General Council of the Judiciary, Beatriz Grande Pesquero, could not explain to the Civil Guard agents why Eduardo Zaplana mediated in the real estate operation of the Torres de Colón but did not appear in the signed contract by the mercantile Costera del Glorio and signed by Joaquín Barceló, the alleged figurehead of Zaplana.

The contract or letter of intent is signed by a friend of Eduardo Zaplana, but I do not know why Eduardo Zaplana himself did not sign this contract. I imagine it would be because it would be a professional person in the construction industry, “he declared to the UCO agents in his testimony as a witness before the investigators of the Erial case.

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For the Civil Guard it is “The role played by Costera del Glorio in this real estate brokerage in Torres de Colón for the benefit of Eduardo Zaplana is relevant “. A “threat of real estate brokerage that evidences the participation of Joaquín Barceló as an interposed person in favor of Eduardo Zaplana who could have been used in many of the facts under investigation” as the rest of the evidence collected also supports. As yesterday reported Lift-EMV, the Costera del Glorio merchant was the instrument used to acquire an apartment in the exclusive Salamanca neighborhood that Zaplana enjoyed between 2010 and 2018, to acquire high-end vehicles or luxury watches such as the Jaeger Lecoultre brand, Duométre model, for the one that Barceló’s company paid 20,000 euros.

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