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Zarzuela prepares the most difficult speech of the King

Almudena Martínez-FornésAlmudena Martínez-Fornés




There are barely ten days until the Rey direct your Christmas message. It is the most important speech of all those who give throughout the year, but this will also be the most difficult of his reign due to the special circumstances in which it occurs, since Don Felipe will try restore trust in an Institution that has been seriously damaged by the Don Juan Carlos scandals.

In La Zarzuela they have been preparing it for weeks and the usual thing is that, before recording, it is sent to La Moncloa, where the Government can “put the spoon in”, that is, introduce messages you want to hear from the King’s mouth or cross out others. The negotiation between the Crown and the Government can be very subtle.

Although this speech is never terminated until the last moment in anticipation of unforeseen events that may occur, this year is more open than ever, partly because of the announced, but not yet confirmed, return of Don Juan Carlos, after spending four months in Abu Dhabi.

Whether the previous Monarch returns or not, it is clear that Don Felipe will have to convey a clear message about the personal mistakes that his father has made and mark distances again with that kind of behavior to restore confidence in the Crown. It will be the first time he has done so since last March 15, when he announced his break with Don Juan Carlos in an exhaustive statement. The truth is that most of the public opinion distinguishes between the previous Monarch and the current King, who has carved out from the day of his proclamation a image of a man of integrity and truly committed to being exemplary.

When Don Juan Carlos went through a similar trance – not the same – at Christmas 2011, after the Nóos case broke out, in which his son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarín was involved, that Christmas Eve the then Dukes of Palma did not attend the first time dinner at La Zarzuela. It was then that Don Juan Carlos affirmed that “Justice is the same for everyone.” On this occasion, much more serious than the previous one, it would be coherent that the previous Monarch adopt the same attitude that he asked his daughter Infanta Cristina and Urdangarín in his day. In other words, avoid La Zarzuela.

Don Felipe’s message it will be very measured. On the one hand, he will try to convince those who are already fed up with dishonest behavior but without stoking those sectors that consider the King’s reaction to his father too harsh.

After such an intense, tragic and eventful year as 2020 is being, Don Felipe it will hardly stick to around twelve minutes Your previous six Christmas Messages have lasted. And it is that the King will also transmit a message of encouragement and hope to a nation shocked by the almost 70,000 deaths from Covid that this Christmas Eve they will not sit at the tables of so many other families; to a nation plagued by economic ruin, unemployment and lack of horizon.

In addition, it will transmit a message of serenity and harmony In an increasingly polarized Spain, it will mark the way forward to regain confidence in democratic institutions and will provide an adequate response to some situations, such as that caused by retired military that a few weeks ago they sent him some letters.

In a year in which the Government of Pedro Sánchez has agreed with Bildu, victims of ETA They will also wait for some words of support from the King, who has never failed them, but this week Don Felipe will have another opportunity to address them when this Wednesday he delivers the awards from the Victims of Terrorism Foundation.

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