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Zelenski criticizes Germany for the lack of decisive support

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyhas asked this Thursday Germany what Tear down the new “wall” that runs through Europe and has raised Russiasince the start of invasion of the Ukrainian country, three weeks ago now. In a speech this Thursday before the Bundestag (German Parliament), has called on the German Chancellor Olaf Scholzwho assumes leadership to bring it downinstead of prioritizing the economy.

“You are trapped behind a wall“, Zelensky asserted, drawing a parallelism with the Berlin Wall and the Cold War, although he has stressed that this wall “is much firmer” and prevents other Europeans from seeing the suffering in Ukraine. “In a way, they are behind the wall again, not the Berlin wall, but in the middle of Europe, where there is freedom. And this wall it’s stronger with every bomb that falls on our soil in Ukraine,” lamented the Ukrainian president.

In this regard, he has asked Scholz to give Germany “the leadership you deserve so that future generations can be proud of you.” “Support our freedom, support Ukraine, stop this warhelp us to stop it”, the Ukrainian leader stressed. In a virtual speech before the Bundestag, which received him with a loud ovation, the President of Ukraine invoked the historic speech pronounced in 1987 by the then president of the United States, ronald reaganwhen he asked the Soviet leader from the Brandenburg Gate, Mikhail Gorbachev, who tore down the wall which since 1961 divided Berlin.

“Mr Scholz, destroy this wall“, he emphasized, while insisting on the parable between that division at the time and the new wall that Russia has been building since last February 24 with the invasion and that has cost the lives of at least 108 children, according to Zelensky. “Every bomb that falls, every decision that is not taken is a stone with which that wall is built“, he added, while recalling that Russian attacks on Ukraine take place “day and night, seven days a week” and that they do not respect hospitals, schools or other civilian targets.

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“More support” outside Europe

In this regard, the Ukrainian leader has reproached to plenary the lack of stronger support and has warned that the sanctions against the environment of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, “they are late and they are not enough”. “It is difficult for us to survive all this without the help of the rest of the world, to defend Ukraine and to defend the free world of Europe,” she said, adding that Ukraine was finding “more support” from across the Atlantic than on their own continent.

Likewise, Zelensky has demanded that Germany support kyiv’s request to join the European Union (EU). So far, as its main NATO partners, Berlin rejects the no fly zone on Ukraine that the Ukrainian president has called for. In addition, also refuses to an intervention of soldiers of the Atlantic Alliance in Ukraine, in line with Washington’s warnings against making the alliance a “party” to the conflict.

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On the other hand, Zelensky has also released reproaches to the German political leadership – not only the current one, but also the previous one – regarding the Nord Stream pipelinethe result of an agreement in 2005 between the then Social Democratic chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, and Putin, his friend and political ally. “We warned you that Nord Stream 2 was a weapon. And your answer was economy, economy, economy“, the Ukrainian president has criticized, referring to the second section of that gas pipeline, whose construction did not stop Berlin even as a result of the annexation of Crimea, in 2014, under the government of the previous chancellor, Angela Merkel.

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The decision of suspend the certification process of the gas pipeline adopted it scholz the day after start the invasion of Ukraine, so it has been paralyzed. The Nord Stream 1, in operation since 2011, continues to supply Russian gas to Germany, while the current German government seeks remedies to reduce energy dependence on Russia.

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