Monday, November 28

Zelenski describes the losses of the Russian army as “colossal”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyassured this Saturday that the losses of the Russian troops since they began the invasion of your country last February 24 are “colossal” and has compared the soldiers of Vladimir Putin with the terrorists of the Islamic State.

In a video message broadcast on his Telegram channel and broadcast by the local agency Interfax-Ukraine, Zelensqui highlighted the difficulties that the Russian army is having to control the country after 17 days of fighting.

“The losses of the Russian troops are colossal. The dynamics of the invaders’ losses on the 17th is already such that we can confidently say: this is the biggest blow to the Russian army in decades. They never had so many losses in such a number of days,” Zelensky said.

According to the Ukrainian president, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 31 enemy battalion tactical groups have lost their combat capability.

“ANDhe Russian army surrenders not only individually, but in entire groups... The invaders’ losses in technical capabilities are simply staggering,” he stressed.

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“More than 360 tanks. A total of 1,205 armored vehicles. And this is not counting the losses in the battles tonight and tomorrow. Already about 60 planes. More than 80 helicopters. Hundreds and hundreds of units of other equipment. In particular , the most modern designs that Russia is proud of,” he added.

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The Ukrainian president, whose data could not be verified by an independent source, emphasized that “most of the world’s armies do not have as much of everything as the Russian troops lost during the invasion.”

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