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Zelensky affirms that Ukraine has liberated 2,000 square kilometers from Russian occupation in ten days

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, assured this Saturday that the Ukrainian Army has recovered in the first ten days of September about 2,000 kilometers squares of territory that is under the occupation of Russian troops.

“Continues the movement of our soldiers in different directions of the front. At this moment, as part of the active actions since the beginning of September, about 2,000 kilometers of our territory have already been liberated,” Zelensky said in his daily address to the nation.

In this regard, the Ukrainian president thanked the soldiers who have participated in the recovery of the territory in the Kharkov regionin eastern Ukraine.

“I am grateful to all of our advocates, who during these weeks have made the focus of what we most need, our victory, be even more tangible!”has expressed the country’s leader.

According to Zelensky, the Russian Armed Forces have made a “good decision” by fleeing. “The Russian Army is giving its best, showing its back. And, in the end, it is a good decision for them to run away. There will be no place for the squatters in Ukraine,” she said.

However, he has insisted that if Russian soldiers “They are afraid to return to Russia“, from kyiv they will guarantee “that all detainees are treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions”.

On Saturday afternoon, the Russian Defense Ministry reported the “redeployment” of the troops that were so far in the towns of Balekleya and Izium.

The official spokesman for the Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, explained that this is an initiative to strengthen the Donetsk regionaccording to the Russian news agency TASS.

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“The decision has been made to regroup the Russian troops stationed in the Balakleya and Izium regions in order to improve the actions in the direction of Donetsk and thus achieve the stated goals of the special military operation to liberate Donbas,” Konashenkov pointed out, quoted by TASS.

Zelensky predicts a “rapid unemployment” of Ukraine in winter

Volodímir Zelenski, has predicted a “rapid unemployment” of his country this winter since the Russians “are fleeing in some directions.”

During his speech at the 17th meeting of the European Strategy in Yalta, held this Friday, Zelensky said that “the winter period can be a turning point in the liberation of the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia”.

“But for this our army needs a systematic supply of the necessary types of weapons”said the Ukrainian president according to information published this Saturday night by the presidential website.

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“I think this winter is a turning point and it can lead to rapid unemployment of Ukraine. We see how [los ocupantes] they are fleeing in some directions. If we were a little stronger with weapons, we could vacate faster.”has said.

Zelensky has stressed that the Ukrainian army will only advance, liberating the territory of Ukraine from the invaders.“We are always ready to defend our land”said

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