Saturday, December 9

Zelensky appears in his office: “I’m not afraid of anyone”

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, showed up on monday night for the first time in his officefrom where he recorded a video to prove again that it is in Kyiv to direct, “without fear of anyone”defending the country against the Russian military offensive.

In the nightly video, which begins with a shot showing through the window andthe government districtl, Zelensky stated: “This is the night of Kiev. Monday night on the twelfth day of our struggle, our defense.”

“We are all here, we are all working. Everyone is where they need to be. I am in Kiev, my team accompanies me”he stressed.

“I am here, I remain in Kiev. On Bankova Street. I do not hide. And I’m not afraid of anyone. (I’ll be here) as long as it takes to win this patriotic war“, added the Ukrainian ruler.

“We will insist on negotiations”

He recalled that there was an agreement on humanitarian corridors to evacuate the civilian population but was frustrated for the third day in a row: “Did it work? Instead, russian tanks did work“, he stressed.

The President of Ukraine assured that the Russian forces “even mined the road” along which the frustrated evacuation of the civilian population from Mariupol, in the south of the country, was to take place, and that the Russian military came to destroy “the buses that are supposed to take people out.

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He also maintained that negotiations with Russia to stop the war will continue after the third round held on Monday on Belarusian territory.

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“I would like to say that it was the third and last, but we are realistic. Therefore, we will talk. We will insist on negotiations until we find a way to tell our people and the world: this is how we will reach peace,” he said.

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