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Zelensky assures that entry into the EU motivates his Army

The possible integration of Ukraine in the European Union (EU) is a great motivation for the ukrainian society and especially for your Armyassured this Wednesday the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, during a videoconference with Canadian students organized by several universities in that country. “For our society and our army it is a great motivation. A great motivating factor for Unit and the victory of the Ukrainian people”, he emphasized, hours before the start of the meeting of heads of state and government of the EU which must ratify Ukraine’s status as a candidate country.

“It’s a crucial moment for us. Some members of my team compare it to going from dark to lightz”, explained the Ukrainian leader, even allowing himself to make jokes on the matter. In fact, one of the students reminded him that he is often compared to characters as different as Harry Potter Y Voldemort, and asked him who he was actually inspired by, to which the speaker responded with an occurrence. “Harry Potter is better than Voldemort. We all know who he is Voldemort Y Harry Potter in this war so we know how will it end“Zelensky joked, humorist by professionwhich provoked laughter from the audience, among whom was the Canadian deputy prime minister, Christia Freeland.

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the leader has expressed its conviction that all EU countries will welcome the Ukrainian candidacy, and has once again reiterated the need for the allies accelerate and increase arms deliveries to your country so that it can defend itself with guarantees from the Russian invasion, an idea that you have constantly repeated in your latest speeches. “So actively that we battle for a positive decision from the European Union on Ukraine, we fight daily to obtain deliveries of modern weapons”, he underlined. Over the past few days, Zelensky has deployed a real phone marathon to convince the European heads of state of the need to approve his candidacy, a decision that must be taken unanimously by all members of the European Council.

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Meanwhile, on the ground, the battles they continued to grow in Lisichansk Y Severodonetsk, the last two large cities of the Luhansk province in the hands of the kyiv Government. According to the provincial governor, Serhiy Haidai, the Ukrainian forces maintain their positions in the second town, occupied mostly by Russian troops, while the bombing in the first town is constant and makes any hint of normal life impossible. “Lisichansk is under constant artillery fire and air strikes,” he reported. Zelensky has denounced that the Russian forces want to turn all of Donbas into a Mariupol. “They want to destroy all of Donbas, step by step, totally, Lisichansk, Sloviansk, Kramatorsk,” he has claimed.

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