Thursday, September 21

Zelensky says he is willing to talk about Donbas and Crimea with Russia

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas declared himself open to speaking with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putinon the peninsula of crimeaa Ukrainian territory that was annexed by Moscow in 2014, and the pro-Russian provinces of donbasin which a war has been waged for eight years after declaring independence.

Nearly a month after Russia launched its invasion, Zelensky for the first time expressed his willingness to “try to deal with everything that is against and displeases Russia” during a multi-media interview broadcast on Monday night. However, the president has claimed to be able to tie in advance “security guarantees“.

“The issue of Crimea and Donbas is a very difficult story for the whole world.” “Security guarantees” and an end to hostilities are necessary, and “once this blockade is lifted, we will talk,” Zelensky said.

Between the demands of the Kremlin is for kyiv to renounce its aspiration to join NATO, something Zelensky has already resigned himself to, and to recognize the independence of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luganskin Donbas, and the Russian sovereignty of Crimea.

stop the war

The Ukrainian leader has explained that the citizens of Ukraine will have to ratify through a referendum the “compromises” reached with Russia. “We must do everything possible so that Donbas and Crimea come back to us (…) Question of time? Yes. But stop the war, now, is the question“, has added.

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Likewise, Zelensky has stated that he does not want “history to turn us into heroes and into a nation that does not exist”, but has insisted that Ukraine will be “destroyed” before surrender.

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Ukraine and Russia have held several rounds of negotiations, both in person and by videoconference, although no progress has been made towards peace so far. In another interview given to CNN on Sunday, Zelensky said he was willing to negotiate with Putin, but the Kremlin said the next day that the conditions for a meeting of this magnitude still do not exist.

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