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Zelu, the winning card of Badajoz

Zelu celebrates the goal that gave Badajoz the victory against Unionistas. / ARNELAS JV

“We needed the victory to continue believing,” says the player from Jerez, who has added all three points every time the team from Badajoz has scored


Zelu was the ace up his sleeve that Isaac Jové kept and that gave him the winning trick in the set against Unionistas. His scoring position alongside Gorka Santamaría was a surprise and the player from Jerez responded with his first goal at the Nuevo Vivero. After starting the season with intermittent appearances in the eleven and disappearing with the start of the new year 2022, the player from Jerez has earned a place among the Catalan coach’s regulars with his excellent shot, impudence and ability to sacrifice.

His goal places Badajoz as the great alternative to the playoff. Little by little he is closing the gap and after the doubts of the previous week against Calahorra he shoots his price again. The New Nursery is excited again. «The victory was necessary for us to continue believing. It was a game of six points”, comments Zelu, who is aware that they can no longer fail if they want to reach fifth place. “We seek to give our best version in each game. We take them as finals and when there are few days left, we will see if we can fight for the playoff.

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  • Name
    Jose Luis Garcia Perez.

  • Place and date of birth
    Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), January 21, 1996.

  • Demarcation
    Winger or playmaker.

  • Matches
    29 (19 starters and 1 complete), 1,520 minutes.

  • goals
    3 (Racing de Ferrol, 0-Badajoz, 1; Talavera, 1-Badajoz, 3 and Badajoz, 1-Unionistas, 0).

  • Trajectory
    Lower categories of Sevilla, Marbella, Atlético Malagueño, San Fernando, Melilla, Córdoba, Cultural and UD Logroñés.

José Luis García Pérez (Jerez de la Frontera, 1996) is one of the footballers of the moment at Badajoz and reaches the final stretch in his best version. «It has been a somewhat atypical season because I arrived late to the team and it was difficult for me to get into the physical tone. But now I feel good physically », he recounts. Zelu made his debut as a scorer at the Nuevo Vivero and now has three goals in the black and white shirt. And Badajoz won in each of those three games that he scored: Racing de Ferrol (0-1), Talavera (1-3) and Unionistas (1-0). “I have scored three goals and it has helped us add three by three. It’s important to the team. Although we are happy with the individual performance, the team is above all else and helping Badajoz».

Thus, if Gorka Santamaría misses his appointment with the goal, there is Zelu as the other guarantee of Badajoz to continue adding. And both players shared the attack as a dance partner. «Playing alongside Gorka is a luxury, he fights everything and comes out the winner in all duels. Being by his side is a pride and being able to benefit from everything he gives you », he maintains. His location was a novelty, although not for the Cadiz winger. “It is a position that I also like. They have not used me that much there, but in other teams I had played. A plan that had been taking shape in training and that went perfectly in the game. “During the week, different options and styles of play are being prepared. One of them was that and he knew perfectly well what he had to do », he says.

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Zelu wanted to experience the sensation of celebrating a goal at the Nuevo Vivero in front of a devoted crowd that pushes relentlessly. “I feel very good. We are very comfortable playing at home and we all go together », he exposes. The black and white player hopes to reciprocate that support with a joy to the black and white fans. “We seek to stay close to the playoffs. We are going to try everything possible. Although everything that arrives is already a prize, we have the ambition to achieve it. But without setting goals. “We don’t put any pressure on ourselves because we’ve had a difficult year with so many adversities, but we’re growing.” Regarding the institutional chaos, Zelu acknowledges that the problems have not disappeared. “The situation has not changed and we remain the same. But we are going to keep trying because this squad has a competitive gene and is very committed professionally.” An uncertainty that they try to park outside the locker room. “We focus on getting the most out of sports and leaving aside the issue of defaults, although it is essential to have peace of mind,” he assumes. In that sense, he highlights the role of his companions to keep the group together. «The captains are doing an important job and standing up for everyone. Hopefully an agreement will be reached and resolved as soon as possible.”

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